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TOPOLO truck body service range covers a variety of models such as refrigerated trucks, dry vans, flatbeds, vans, trailers, etc. TOPOLO uses new materials and technologies to provide customers with the perfect truck body. We have a first-class truck body design team, provide your ideas and we will implement them, we use new composite materials to make your body lighter and stronger, reducing your transportation costs. We serve the global market, and our products sell well in Europe, North America, South America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa, and other countries and regions.

TOPOLO Truck Lightweight Service

Vehicle lightweighting is a systematic project, including the development and application of lightweight materials, the design and optimization of lightweight structures, and the improvement and development of advanced forming technologies that match them.

Material Selection
TOPOLO chooses different body materials according to the actual needs of customers’ vehicles, FRP composite panels, aluminum, steel, plastic, wood can be used as optional materials.
Manufacturing Process
In recent years, a series of new processes related to the application of new materials have been gradually applied to the vehicle industry, such as variable-section rolling of sheet metal, thermoforming of ultra-high strength steel, laser tailor welding, hydroforming, superplastic forming, electromagnetic Solid metal processing, injection molding, low-pressure injection molding of plastic products, gas-assisted injection molding and welding, bonding and riveting technology of different kinds of materials, etc. The improvement of this series of processing technology is an effective means to achieve lightweight.
Structural Design
Our team of engineers not only understands the product, but also is familiar with the craftsmanship and materials, and completes the vehicle design from the aspects of production process and assembly process.

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TOPOLO provides a series of solutions for various problems encountered in practical application of various vehicle projects.