PET foam board core manufacturer in China

In PET foam, the main component is polyethylene terephthalate. It is a kind of closed-cell thermoplastic structural polyester foam with certain shear and compressive strength, so it is often used as the core material of sandwich structure materials. It has good specific stiffness, and specific strength, its compression, tensile, shear, and bending strengths are excellent. It also has good dimensional stability and is easy to process, suitable for various processes. It is an ideal core material for lightweight & high-strength composite sandwich structures. It provides excellent fatigue resistance, impact resistance, and deficient water absorption. It also has good thermal and acoustic properties.

Excellent Performance

  • Suitable for all resin systems.
  • It can achieve zero emissions of greenhouse gases, which is very conducive to environmental protection.
  • Through thermoforming, complex body structures can be achieved.
  • Has good shear and compression properties.
  • Excess material created during the production process can be reused to make new materials.
  • During processing, it can withstand temperatures around 150°C for a short period of time.
  • During its service life, it can withstand temperatures of about 100 °C for a long time.

Parameters of TOPOLO PET Foam Core

Test itemsStandardUnitValueProcore 80Procore 100Procore 120Procore 150Procore 200Procore 250
DensityIS0845  kg/m3RANGE85-95100-110120-130150-160190-210235-260
Compressive strength   IS0844MPaAVG0.851.20  1.802.40  3.90  5.20  
Compressive modulusIS0844MPaAVG73100115140200235
Tensile strengthASTM C297MPaAVG1.401.802.202.503.204.00
Tensile modulusASTM C297MPa AVG90 110120 160210275
Shear strengthIs01922 -2012 MPaAVG 0.55  0.80 0.90 1.251.70 2.05 
Shear modulusIS01922 -2012 MPa AVG13.5 51.0 70.0
Climbing drum peelASTM D1781mm.N/mAVG 20 2020202020

Application Fields

Benefiting from the features of rigid foam structure, PET foam can be widely used in all kinds of composite sandwich panels and products with the curve as core material, can be bonded with multiple kinds of surface materials, processing methods such as RTM, hot press molding. As core materials, by the lower price, higher physical performance, and easy processing, PET foam is gradually being used to replace traditional sandwich core materials such as Basha wood, and PVC in the industry.
At present, TOPOLO series PET foam products have been widely used in wind power blades and hoods, new energy van-truck bodies, and ship fields.

Most wind turbine blades are filled with PET foam.
Polyester foam can be used as a sandwich panel core for dry freight vans.
Polyester foam is used as filler material for ship wall panels and ceilings.
The floors, siding, and roofs on the high-speed rail use PET foam as filling material.
Polyester foam greatly reduces the weight of the furniture.
PET foam can be used as a core material for building panels.

TOPOLO customizes PET foam boards of different shapes and sizes for you

TOPOLO is a comprehensive high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, design, manufacturing, and sales service in the field of lightweight materials.

PET Foam Block
PET Block
PET Foam board factory
PET Plain Board
Grooving PET foam board
Grooving Board
PET foam strip
PET Foam Strip

Product Dimension and Specification

  • Width: ≤1020 mm
  • Length: ≤2440 mm
  • Thickness: 5~200 mm

PET Foam Composite Panels

PET core can be combined with fiberglass, aluminum, steel, and other materials to form lightweight, strong composite panels. This greatly expands its scope of application.