Polypropylene PP Honeycomb core Manufacturer in China

TOPOLO series polypropylene honeycomb core is a lightweight core with delivers excellent flex properties, including longitudinal stiffness and compression strength. The PP honeycomb core can be widely used in industrial lightweight construction, especially for vehicles and automobiles.


Maximum length: 2800mm.
Maximum width: 1400mm.
Thickness: 5mm~500mm.
Tolerance: Dimensional:±5mm, Thickness:±0.5mm.


Cell size(mm)68101216
Compression strength(Mpa)1.81.661.581.471.85
Compression modulus(Mpa)50.845.741.238.950.4
Shear strength(Mpa)0.680.50.450.40.55

Advantages of PP Honeycomb Core

Compared with traditional core materials, PP honeycomb materials have the following advantages:

  • Strong compressive and impact resistance

PP honeycomb absorbs external forces, thus greatly reducing the damage caused by impact and collision. It is widely used in many fields such as automobile bumper and sports protective equipment.

  • Lightweight and material saving

According to the excellent mechanical performance, the PP honeycomb can achieve the same effect with fewer consumables, low cost, and lightweight. It is lightweight, and can greatly reduce the load weight of transport, thereby to a certain extent improving the speed of transport, and reducing the cost of transport. Therefore, it is widely used in the manufacture of yachts, cars, trains, and other means of transport shells, ceilings, partitions, decks, floors, and so on.

  • Water resistance and strong corrosion resistance

Due to the characteristics of its raw materials, it can be used for a long time in environments with high water content and strong corrosion.

  • Green and environmental protection

Energy-saving, 100% recyclable, VOC, and formaldehyde-free in the processing.

Polypropylene Honeycomb Core with Non-woven Fabric

TOPOLO offers polypropylene honeycomb cores with and without a nonwoven polyester veil. The PP honeycomb core with a non-woven polyester veil also provides a film barrier under the polyester veil, preventing resin from entering the pores during processing, thus ensuring uniformity of mechanical properties while also reducing adhesive consumption.

Polypropylene honeycomb core with non-woven fabric structure
PP honeycomb core with non-woven fabric
polypropylene honeycomb core with non-woven fabric


PP honeycomb core is widely used in construction, automobile, interior decoration and other fields as filling material. Such as dry truck body, car trunk partition, wall partition, yacht, purifier, waterproof table, etc.

Application of pp honeycomb core

PP Honeycomb Core Composite Materials

The Polypropylene honeycomb core and the reinforcing sheet are compounded together to form a solid honeycomb composite panel. Among them, the fiberglass honeycomb composite panel has become mainstream, and it is more and more widely used in vehicles, buildings, ships, household appliances, etc.