ACP Honeycomb Panels Manufacturer in China

ACP honeycomb panel is a new type of sandwich structure composite panel, which uses ACP (aluminum composite panel as the facing material and PP honeycomb as the core material. Due to its many advantages, ACP honeycomb panels are widely used in various industries, including construction, transportation, aerospace, ships, etc.

  • Aluminum Composite Panel (ACP)

ACP is a popular construction material made of two aluminum sheets bonded to a core, usually polyethylene (PE) or a flame-retardant mineral core. Aluminum panels have excellent surface properties such as durability, weather resistance, and aesthetics, while the core material contributes to the lightweight of the panels.

  • PP Honeycomb

PP honeycomb is a lightweight structural core material made of polypropylene. It consists of hexagonal cells connected to form a honeycomb structure. PP honeycomb panels have a high strength-to-weight ratio, rigidity and dimensional stability, making them an excellent choice for sandwich panel applications.

Structure of ACP Honeycomb Panels
Structure of ACP Honeycomb Panels

Basic Specifications

  • Cladding material: ACP panels.
  • Core material: PP honeycomb.
  • Max length: 12m.
  • Max width: 2.4m.
  • Total Thickness: 10~80mm (or customized)
  • Surface color: RAL color.
  • Surface treatment: fluorocarbon paint.
  • Aluminum sheet thickness: 0.20~4.0mm.
  • Aluminum grade: 3000, 5000 series.
  • Fire rating: B1.

Performance Parameters (Reference)

Skin Thicknessmm4.0
Core Thicknessmm8
Areal WeightKg/m²0.7
Flexural Strength (Max Load: 2770.659N, Sample Size: 300x100x16mm)MPa9.982
Compression Strength (Max Load: 2770.659N, Sample Size: 60x60x16mm)MPa1.474
Note:The above values are average values obtained by the laboratory and are for reference only. Actual performance figures vary based on materials, specifications and craftsmanships.

The combination of honeycomb core and aluminum sheet facing offers several advantages

  • Lightweight

The honeycomb core significantly reduces the overall weight of the panel while maintaining structural integrity. This makes it suitable for applications where weight reduction is a must, such as transport vehicles or the aerospace industry.

  • Strength and Rigidity

Despite its lightweight nature, ACP honeycomb panels possess high strength and rigidity due to their honeycomb structure. This makes them suitable for applications requiring durability and load carrying capacity.

  • Flatness and Stability

ACP honeycomb panels have excellent flatness and dimensional stability, making them ideal for large facade or cladding applications.

  • Thermal and Acoustic Insulation

The honeycomb core provides thermal and acoustic insulation, increasing the panel’s energy efficiency and noise reduction capabilities.

  • Fire Resistance

Depending on the type of core material used, it can have good fire resistance, providing an extra layer of safety.

  • Beautiful Appearance

ACP + PP honeycomb composite panels are available in a variety of colours, finishes and textures, offering designers and architects a variety of options for their projects.

Applications of ACP Honeycomb Panels

ACP + PP honeycomb composite panels are used in various industries and applications such as:

  • Wall cladding and facades in building and construction.
  • Partitions and interior panels.
  • Truck body panels and interior components.
  • Aerospace applications such as aircraft interior panels and bulkheads.
  • Shipbuilding and marine applications.
  • Portable structures such as trade show booths, exhibit displays and information kiosks.
  • Furniture and cabinets.
  • Cleanrooms and industrial enclosures.