Dropside Truck Body
Dropside truck body rear

Advantages of Aluminum Dropside Body

  • Self-developed high-strength aluminum framework;
  • Rivet and screw for connection, along with a little welding in particular places, easy installing and maintaining;
  • Advanced Japanese technology used in side panel structures;
  • Powder, painting, or electrophoresis for surface treatment.
Aluminum Dropside Truck Body

All-aluminum Dropside Truck Body Structure

The structure is mainly divided into five parts:

①Bottom frame assembly (underframe+ floor).
②Front Gantry (Headboard).
③Left fence.
④Right fence.
⑤Rear fence.

All-aluminum Dropside Truck Body Structure

TOPOLO Dropside Body Parameters

Outward LengthOutward WidthOutward Height
Inward LengthInward WidthPanel Height
Bottom ThicknessFloor ThicknessRear Open
30mm20mm5 or 3 doors
Pillar ModeBare WeightLoad
Outside pillar250kg/270kg5t

Lightweight and Strong

At present, most of the floor of dropside truck body is aluminum skid plate and bamboo plywood. The glass fiber non-slip honeycomb panel launched by TOPOLO is not only stronger but also lighter, saving transportation costs.

Dropside truck body with anti-skip frp honeycomb floor
Dropside truck body with anti-skip FRP honeycomb floor

Dropside Advantages Over Flatbed

It’s true that a flatbed truck maximizes space since it has no sides or roof, but if you care about the following points, you may find the dropside body is the better choice.

  • The folding sides of a drop side truck give easy access for loading and unloading. It also avoids hinge damage from forklifts.
  • The fixable side panel makes your load much safer on road. Especially when your business involves building and construction, a drop-side trailer is supposed to be your great mover.
  • Additionally, you can put advertisements on the side or rear panel of your truck if you choose the dropside body.

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