The Dropside Body is required to be light and strong, able to withstand high-intensity impacts and work well in harsh environments. The aluminum alloy dropside body is lighter than the steel body, and the use of special aluminum alloy makes it as strong as steel. Of course, the biggest advantage of the aluminum alloy body is that it will not rust, and its service life greatly exceeds that of the steel body.

Dropside Truck Body
Dropside truck body rear

What are The Alloy Aluminum Sheets for Dropside Body?

  • 5 series alloys: 5182, 5083, 5086, 5052, 5454, 5754.
  • 6 series alloys: 6061, 6063, 6082.

Dropside Advantages Over Flatbed

It’s true that a flatbed truck maximizes space since it has no sides or roof, but if you care about the following points, you may find the dropside body is the better choice.

  • The folding sides of a drop-side truck give easy access for loading and unloading. It also avoids hinge damage from forklifts.
  • The fixable side panel makes your load much safer on road. Especially when your business involves building and construction, a drop-side trailer is supposed to be your great mover.
  • Additionally, you can put advertisements on the side or rear panel of your truck if you choose the dropside body.

TOPOLO Dropside Truck Body

TOPOLO specializes in customizing Dropside bodies, whether you have drawings or not, we have a professional body design team to design the perfect truck body for you to solve your problems. The application of new technologies and new materials ensures the quality of the truck body.

Dropside Body Rivet and Screw
Body parts are connected with rivets and screws, with a small amount of welding in specific places, for easy installation and maintenance.
Dropside Body Floor
Skateboard floor for safety
Dropside Body Side Panel
Using highly flexible stainless steel hinges, the side panels and back panels can be easily opened and closed.
Dropside Body Chassis
The subframe is made of high-strength aluminum alloy extruded profiles and is connected to the chassis using screws.

Lightweight and Strong

At present, most of the floor of the drop side truck body is aluminum skid plate and bamboo plywood. The fiberglass non-slip honeycomb panel launched by TOPOLO is not only stronger but also lighter, saving transportation costs.

Dropside body with anti-skip frp honeycomb floor
Dropside truck body with anti-skip FRP honeycomb floor

Case: 4.2m All-aluminum Truck Body

All-aluminum Dropside Body Structure

The structure is mainly divided into five parts:
① Bottom frame assembly (underframe+ floor).
② Front Gantry (Headboard).
③ Left fence.
④ Right fence.
⑤ Rear fence.


  • Outward Length: 4285mm.
  • Outward Width: 2356mm.
  • Outward Height: 1735mm.
  • Inward Length: 4165mm.
  • Inward Width: 2300mm.
  • Panel Height: 400mm.
  • Bottom Thickness: 30mm.
  • Floor Thickness:20mm.
  • Rear Open: 5 Or 3 Doors.
  • Pillar Mode: Outside Pillar.
  • Bare Weight: 250kg/270kg.
  • Load: 5 Tons.