Customize Your Composite Sandwich Panels

TOPOLO composite sandwich panels are made of environmentally friendly materials, with self-developed high-quality foam as the core material, and compounded with metal sheets, thermoplastic panels and other materials into various forms of composite materials. It is lightweight, high strength and durable. It is widely used in vehicles, construction and other fields.

TOPOLO Composite Sandwich Panels are Your Ideal Choice

β˜‘ Light & Strong

Bending strength comparison of different composite panels (N*mm2)/mm

Bending strength comparison of different composite panels (N*mm2)/mm

TOPOLO sandwich composite panels use a dense foam core that evenly supports the panels. The panel skin can be made of high-strength steel sheets, aluminum sheets, and glass fiber prepreg tapes, which can provide strong impact resistance for the composite panel.

β˜‘ Sound and Thermal insulation

Closed cell foam board

Closed cell foam board

TOPOLO composite sandwich panels use continuous closed-cell structural foam core material, which has low thermal conductivity and good energy transfer barrier properties. At the same time, it also has excellent light barrier properties, the panel is opaque, and can maintain the stability of the temperature and humidity of the internal environment under the environment of high sunlight radiation.

β˜‘ Multiple Specifications

Multiple Specifications Composite Sandwich Panels
  • The general thickness of composite sandwich panels is 13.5mm, 15mm, 18mm, 20mm, and 25mm, and can be customized between 10~80mm.
  • The length of the composite panels can be continuously produced, and the size supports customized processing, the general length is 4.2 meters and 4.5 meters.
  • The width of the composite panels can be customized and processed, the maximum width can be processed at 2.8 meters, and the general widths are 2.1 meters, 2.2 meters, and 2.3 meters.
  • The appearance and color of the composite panels can be customized according to requirements.

β˜‘ Environmental Friendly

Bottle Grade Plastic Granules

Bottle Grade Plastic Granules

The PET foam core material used in TOPOLO composite panels is made of bottle-grade PET particles. This PET material is widely used in mineral water, carbonated beverage bottles, etc. It is a material that can directly contact with food, 100% can be recycled, non-toxic, no chemical residue, no odor, and no formaldehyde.

β˜‘ Easy to Install

TOPOLO composite panel products have good reprocessing performance, uniform thickness, high strength, lightweight, easy handling and installation, can adapt to various installation methods such as riveting and gluing, and are easy to operate.
TOPOLO composite panel core materials have high density and strong compression resistance. It is not necessary to pre-embed wood strips, iron plates and other components at the edge during assembly, which reduces processing costs and assembly difficulty.

β˜‘ Durable

TOPOLO composite sandwich panels have undergone various weather resistance and durability tests in internal and third-party laboratories, and no obvious failure has occurred, and the weather resistance is extremely strong.

At TOPOLO you can choose the skin material and core material that is suitable for your project.

Steel Composite Panels

Steel Composite Sandwich Panels
  • Skin Material: Galvanized Steel, Stainless Steel (201, 304).
  • Core Material: XPS/PET/PU/EPP/Rockwool.

Aluminum Composite Panels

Aluminum Composite Sandwich Panels
  • Skin Material: Aluminum alloy (1050, 1100, 2014, 3003, 4032, 5052, etc)
  • Core Material: XPS/PET/PU/EPP/Rockwool.

Fiberglass Composite Panels

Fiberglass Composite Sandwich Panels
  • Skin Material: FRP Sheet, CFRT (continuous glass fiber reinforced thermoplastic) sheet.
  • Core material: XPS/PET/PU.

Application of TOPOLO Composite Sandwich Panels

Tuobao composite panels are widely used in vehicles and construction industries.


Refrigerated trucks, dry cargo trucks.

Recreational Vehicles

Camper, caravan, motorhome, trailer.


Building exterior walls, interior walls, roofs.