LWRT (Lightweight Reinforced Thermoplastic) is a GMT material made of glass fiber and polypropylene with a mass ratio of about 50:50 (different performance requirements, the ratio will be different), through carding, needling, and pressing. Due to the thermoplastic properties of polypropylene, lightweight GMT can be molded into products of various thicknesses.

Advantages of LWRT

  • Lightweight: LWRT has low density and is easy to transport and install. It is 30% lighter than PP board and 50% lighter than wooden board.
  • Flame Retardant: LWRT has good flame retardant properties, with a horizontal burning speed of A-0mm/min and a vertical burning speed of 0mm/min.
  • ECO-friendly: LWRT is made of glass fiber and polypropylene as raw materials. It has no residue and volatilization of harmful substances such as benzene, aldehydes, and phenols. It is an excellent environmentally friendly product.
  • Impact Resistance: LWRT has good tensile strength, bending strength, and good impact resistance. Even if the LWRT product is broken by impact, a soft crack will be produced and will not cause harm to the human body. At the same time, its fluffy mesh structure also has excellent heat insulation and sound absorption properties.
  • Stable Performance: LWRT can expand to more than 4 times in thickness after heating. There is no rebound after the product is finalized and the size is stable.

Basic Structure

  • Decorative film: You can choose different styles of pattern films to show the aesthetic effect of the product.
  • Fiberglass + PP: As a core material its thickness can be changed according to requirements.
  • Non-woven fabric: As an intermediate grafting material, non-woven fabric can bond well with the substrate and fiberglass felt layer.

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Side Detail
Back Detail

LWRT Surface Pattern

TOPOLO provides more than 100 styles of decorative films, and can customize patterns according to customer requirements.

Product Specifications (1220mm*2440mm)

Area weight
thicknessHeating expansion thicknessFormable thickness
(excluding overlay)
Bending Strength
(50mm wide*4.5mm thick)

Test Report

ItemExperimental results
horizontal burning0mm/min
Vertical burning≤100mm/min
Smoke density≤75
Oxygen Index≥22%
Bending strength≥6MPa
Flexural modulus≥360MPa
Scratch resistanceColor difference≤1.5
Impact resistanceUnder room temperature conditions, the sheet is in good condition and there is no cracking on both the front and back sides.
Peel force≥15N/50mm


LWRT materials are widely used in the automotive industry, aerospace, construction and other fields. They can be used to make body parts, interiors, construction materials and a variety of lightweight products to reduce weight and improve fuel efficiency, performance and sustainability.