Wing Truck Body

Wing trucks are popular in some industries, mainly because of their advantages of loading and unloading fast goods. Compared with ordinary box vans, the wing truck can be fully opened on the side, which makes it easier to use forklifts for loading and unloading, saving time and cost of handling, and reducing damage caused by cargo handling.

In addition, for some large goods, the wing truck also has great advantages in loading and unloading. Compared with dropside and flatbed bodies, the wing body has the advantages of being rainproof, dustproof, sun-protective, and anti-theft.

The Main Application of Wing Body Truck

With the continuous improvement of the market’s requirements for logistics efficiency, more and more industries have begun to apply flying wing vehicles, such as paper, home appliances, clothing, chemicals, beverages, food, and other industries. Wing body trucks can be used in industries that require short-to-medium distance transportation and have high requirements for loading and unloading efficiency.

All Aluminum Wing Body Truck

Aluminum alloys have the advantages of small specific gravity, large stamping plasticity, corrosion resistance, and high recycling value. Some grades of aluminum alloys are close to or surpass traditional steel materials in terms of performance. It is of great significance to use aluminum alloy materials to replace steel for the development and research of wing trucks.

All aluminum wing body van

Fiberglass Composite Panel Wing Body Trucks

In order to obtain a lighter body while maintaining a certain strength and toughness of the body, FRP composite panels are a good choice as a substitute for aluminum panels. Among them, the fiberglass honeycomb sandwich panel is undoubtedly the best choice. It greatly reduces the weight of the body, and has the same strength as the aluminum panel, and it has excellent toughness, so that the body can withstand more impact.

Customize Your CKD Wing Truck Body

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