The side curtain truck body has a curtain structure on one or both sides. The side curtain car has the characteristics of light weight, large volume, fast loading, and unloading, etc. It is especially suitable for transporting palletized and rolled goods, so it has been sought after by related cargo transportation companies and customers.

Typical Materials and Standards of a Side Curtain Truck Body

Front wall:

Usually, FRP is adopted in the front wall of the van body, to ensure strength. In TOPOLO, you can have various body panels for this part for various requirements.

Side curtains:

Many curtain van bodies use PVC-coated polyester as the material for side curtains. It is resistant to water, dirt, and mildew. TOPOLO can customize the van body specifically to fit into the assembly of side curtains.


You can have an aluminum roof for the curtain van body. In TOPOLO truck bodies, an optional translucent roof is also available to allow the use of ambient light for improved visibility in the cargo area.


TOPOLO has strong flooring solutions for your curtain side bodies: hardwood, honeycomb panel, anti-slip surface treatment, etc, meeting unique needs.


  • Home Appliance Transportation

Household appliances are sensitive and valuable goods, which impose very special requirements on transportation safety. In order to ensure the side support force of the side curtain van and prevent the goods from being thrown out during transportation, the side curtain van is equipped with sliding columns, and a multi-layer side block is arranged between the columns. Such a frame structure fully meets the safety needs of carrying home appliances. In addition, its curtain fabric has a large area for printing various patterns. It is a profitable place for advertising.

  • Beverage transportation

In terms of beverage transportation, compared with ordinary tarpaulins, the advantages of side curtain trucks are reflected in the convenience of loading and unloading. Generally, the loading and unloading of trucks are carried out at the rear part, which is inconvenient for large boxes because the tail part is narrow. However, 3 sides of a curtain truck can be opened simultaneously, which greatly improves the loading efficiency. Working with forklifts and pallets, your loading speed will be amazing.

  • Paper roll transportation

A side curtain car is usually 1 to 1.5 tons lighter than a van, mainly because the weight of a side curtain is much lighter than that of an ordinary composite board. A three-axle side curtain trailer with a length of 14,600mm and a width of 2,550mm can reduce the curb weight to less than 6,000kg. Due to its lightweight, the loading capacity of a side curtain car is greatly increased. So transporting paper rolls is no problem at all.

  • Car parts

The side curtain trailer can be opened on both sides. Along with the rear door, its operating width for forklifts can reach 26,000mm. It is very suitable for carrying car parts.

  • Packaged goods

The transportation of plate and packaged goods is characterized by concentrated loading and high gravity center. Advanced engineering technology is required to ensure the safety of such goods. The holes in the side beams can be set at specific points, to ensure that the goods can be safely fixed to any part of the vehicle.