FRP Skin PET Foam Sandwich Panels Manufacturer

PET foam sandwich panels are new material stuff in composite sandwich panels. TOPOLO PET core panels are compatible with various production methods like infusion or pre-preg, and with all common resin systems. The lightweight PET foam gives you a new perspective on your business. No matter whether you are in automobiles, transportation, or construction.


TypePET Foam Sandwich Panels
WidthMax 3.2m
ThicknessSkin: 0.7mm~3mm
Core: 10mm-120mm
Core Density80~300 kg/m3
SkinFRP/GRP Sheet, CFRT Sheet, Aluminum Sheet, Steel sheet
ColorWhite, black, green, yellow, customized
ApplicationRVs, truck trailers, vans, campers, caravans, motorboats, trains, mobile homes, dry truck bodies, etc.
Custom-MadeEmbedded Tube/Plate, CNC service

Composite with Different Skin Materials

PET foam can be compounded with glass fiber, aluminum, steel and other sheets to form sandwich panels for different purposes. Among them, fiberglass composite panels are becoming more and more popular with users, which are lighter and stronger. The CFRT (Contact Reinforced Fiberglass Thermoplastic) sheet developed by TOPOLO is laminated with continuously reinforced prepreg tapes. It is stronger than ordinary FRP sheet, and the effect brought by CFRT skin PET foam composite panel is more obvious.

FRP Skin PET Foam Panel
FRP Skin PET Foam Panel
Aluminum Skin PET Foam Panel
Aluminum Skin PET Foam Panel
Steel Skin PET Foam Panel
Steel Skin PET Foam Panel

Structure of Fiberglass PET Foam Sandwich Panels

The skin of TOPOLO PET panels uses glass fiber reinforced thermoplastic panels (FRP panels), which are compounded with PET foams to make the panels lighter and stronger. PET foams, as an environmentally friendly material, can be recycled.

PET Foam Sandwich Panel Layer Structure Diagram

Fiberglass PET Foam Panel Strength Test

The impact of ordinary strength will not cause damage to the structure of the fiberglass PET foam composite panel, and it can keep the surface smooth.

Application of PET Foam Sandwich Panels

PET Foam Panels for Body Box

  • Competitive price and low cost.
  • CNC shaping for customizable size and thickness.
  • CFRT panel skin (new FRP) for higher strength.
  • Thermolamination technology rather than glue bonding, for weight saving and fuel saving.

PET Foam Panels for Construction

  • Excellent fatigue properties.
  • High-temperature resistance.
  • Low variation of density.
  • 100% recyclable and odorless.

Adhere to Sustainable Development

TOPOLO PET composite panels use high-quality PET foam board, which has good heat resistance, impact resistance and long service life. TOPOLO adheres to the concept of sustainable development and develops recycled PET foam boards.

PET foam board
High-Quality PET Foam
PET foams sandwich panels
Fiberglass PET Core Panels

Quality and Service

TOPOLO not only provides customers with strong and reliable PET composite panels, but also provides customers with customized board processing services. We process the size and shape of the panel according to the needs, and provide a variety of surface colors and patterns for customers to choose.

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