PET Foam Sandwich Panels Manufacturer

PET foam sandwich panel is a new type of composite material, TOPOLO creatively combines PET foam core with various skin materials, and this change is revolutionary, the lightweight PET foam composite panel brings a fresh perspective to your business. Whether your industry is traditional constructions, vehicles, ships, or new energy, PET composite panels can be applied to your project.

There is an internationally advanced composite panel production line in the TOPOLO factory, covering an area of tens of thousands of square meters. It is one of the few manufacturers in the world to use multi-layer vacuum presses for its production.


CorePET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) Foam Board. (Density: 50~300 kg/m³.)
SkinFRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic) Sheets;
CFRT (Continuous Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic) Sheets;
Aluminum Sheets;
Plywood Sheets;,
Galvanized Steel Sheets;
Stainless Steel Sheets;
HPL Sheets;etc.
Width3.2m. (Tolerance: 1.0mm.)
Length12m. (Tolerance: 1.0mm.)
Thickness3.0~120mm. (Tolerance: 0.1mm.)

Structure of PET Foam Sandwich Panels

Sandwich structure is the most common composite panel structure. PET foam can be combined with fiberglass, aluminum, steel, plywood and other materials to form sandwich panels for different applications.

PET Foam Sandwich Panels

PET Foam Sandwich Panel Series

FRP Skin PET Foam Sandwich Panels
FRP Skin PET Sandwich Panels
Aluminum Skin PET Foam Sandwich Panels
Aluminum Skin PET Sandwich Panels
Aluminum Composite Skin PET Sandwich Panels
CFRT Skin PET Foam Sandwich Panels
CFRT Skin PET Sandwich Panels
Prepainted Steel PET Foam Sandwich Panels
Galvanized Steel Skin PET Sandwich Panels
Plywood Skin PET Sandwich Panels

PET foam is basically compatible with all skin material systems through glue, not limited to fiberglass, aluminum, steel, plywood, etc. Which material to choose as the skin material depends on your product requirements.

PET Foam Core

PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) foam is a closed-cell rigid foam. It has the characteristics of light weight, heat resistance, non-absorbent, high strength and easy shearing. It can replace wood as the filling core material, and it can be recycled, which is an environmentally friendly material recognized and promoted worldwide.

Fiberglass Skin PET Foam Sandwich Panels

Fiberglass foam sandwich panels are more and more favored by various industries, and fiberglass sheets are lightweight and strong. In addition to using the traditional thermosetting fiberglass sheet (FRP) as the skin, TOPOLO developed the thermoplastic CFRT (continuous fiberglass reinforced thermoplastic ) sheet, which is a new type of skin material, and the continuous fiberglass gives it better toughness, which reduces the impact force transmitted to the core material.

Advantages of Fiberglass PET Foam Sandwich Panels

  • Lightweight.
  • High Strength.
  • Waterproof.
  • Thermal Insulation.
  • Flat & Smooth surface.

The impact of ordinary strength will not cause damage to the structure of the fiberglass PET foam composite panel, and it can keep the surface smooth.


PET foam sandwich panels are widely used in vehicles, buildings, transportation, ships, furniture and other fields. In particular, fiberglass PET composite panels are lighter, stronger, longer-lasting and lower-cost than traditional metal or wooden material panels. This makes them widely used in wall panels, floors, partitions, roof panels, etc. in RV and box truck manufacturing.

Box Trucks

TOPOLO Custom PET Foam Core Sandwich Panels for Your Projects

PET Foam Sandwich Panels

Production in Bulk

  • The daily production area of PET foam sandwich panels is 1000-2000 square meters. It can meet the production of products in large quantities and with relatively short delivery time.

CNC Machining Service

  • Cutting, drilling, and milling of the finished PET Panel, reducing the user’s later reprocessing cost.

Packaging and Transportation Solutions

  • TOPOLO provides customers with last-mile service. We design a reasonable packaging and transportation plan based on the customer’s existing equipment and loading tools.