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PU foam sandwich panels are widely used in vehicles, buildings, and other fields. It has excellent properties of heat preservation, sound insulation, and impact resistance. TOPOLO offers highly customized panels with a variety of core thicknesses to choose from. These panels can be assembled by vertical or horizontal disposition and are suitable for interior and exterior applications.

Basic Structure

The PU foam core composite board is a typical sandwich structure, the middle is a PU foam board for heat preservation, the upper and lower layers are skin materials, and the skin and core materials are combined with an adhesive (usually polyurethane resin glue). In order to make the adhesive more evenly distributed, so that the skin and the core material are combined more tightly, and to prevent problems such as bulging and delamination, grooves will be cut on the PU foam board.

Structure of PU Foam Sandwich Panels


TypePU Foam Sandwich Panels
Core Density28~50kg/m³
SkinFRP, CFRT, Aluminum, Plywood, Stainless Steel, Prepainted Steel
ProcessingCNC Machining, Embedded Structure

PU Foam Board

Polyurethane rigid foam is a new closed-cell structure synthetic material with thermal insulation and waterproof functions. Its thermal conductivity is only 0.022-0.033W/(m*Κ), which is equivalent to half of the extruded board and has the lowest thermal conductivity among all thermal insulation materials.

Closed-cell PU Foam Board

Multiple Skin Materials are Available

FRP Skin PU Foam Sandwich Panels
FRP Skin PU Sandwich Panel
CFRT Skin PU Foam Sandwich Panels
CFRT Skin PU Sandwich Panel
Steel Skin PU Foam Sandwich Panels
Steel Skin PU Sandwich Panel
Aluminum Skin PU Foam Sandwich Panels
Aluminum Skin PU Sandwich Panel

TOPOLO PU foam composite panels are available in various specifications. The PU core material can be combined with various skin materials such as FRP, CFRT, aluminum, steel, plywood, etc., and different combinations can be finally selected according to the application of the product.

Fiberglass Skin PU Sandwich Panels

Fiberglass skin has many advantages, such as thermal insulation, lightweight, high strength, high toughness, waterproof, smooth and flat surface, which are irreplaceable properties of wood and metal materials. Combined with the thermal insulation performance of PU foam board, Fiberglass skin PU foam core sandwich panel is undoubtedly one of the best thermal insulation composite panels. TOPOLO offers two types of fiberglass sheets for the facing of PU foam panels: Thermoset FRP and Thermoplastic CFRT.

Thermosetting FRP

Its surface is a layer of gelcoat, using it as a skin, the surface of the foam sandwich board is flat and smooth.

Thermoplastic CFRT

This is a multi-layer continuous fiber laminated sheet. Its surface is usually covered with a layer of high-gloss film. Using it as a skin, the foam sandwich panel is more durable, and its thickness and weight will be greatly reduced. It is an economical material.

Embedded Structure

The strength value of PU foam is low, and it is easy to crush. At the same time, for the insulation effect, most PU insulation panels are made very thick, usually larger than 8cm. In order to ensure the strength of the PU insulation panel, some reinforced structural components are usually embedded inside it. Such as embedding aluminum tubes, steel tubes, FRP parts, etc. These pre-embedded structural parts can also facilitate the installation of screws and the layout of electric wires.

Aluminum Tube Reinforced Structure
Wood Reinforced Structure
I-shaped Reinforced Structure

Application Field of PU Foam Sandwich Panels

Application in trucks

PU foam panels are widely used in refrigeration equipment, such as cold storage, mobile room, refrigerated truck, etc. It will not be brittle at ultra-low temperatures below -40°C.

Application in RVs

The lightweight and strong properties of Fiberglass PU foam panels make it widely used in caravans, motorhomes, campers, and travel trailers. It can keep the temperature inside the RV within a stable range.

Application in Buildings

PU sandwich panels can be used for interior walls, exterior walls, and roofs of buildings, and they will have good fire performance by adjusting the formula. In particular, it is compounded with metal panels to enhance its flame-retardant properties.

Choose TOPOLO PU Foam Sandwich Panels

TOPOLO We have a complete PU composite panel production line and can customize composite panels of various lengths, widths and thicknesses. We are not only a professional manufacturer of PU foam sandwich panels but also provide customers with a series of solutions, such as design, testing, and Production for campers, box trucks, cold storage rooms and more.

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