CFRT Laminated XPS Foam Core Sandwich Panels

Do you know about CFRT laminated XPS foam core sandwich panels? Yes, it is a lightweight sandwich panel with a continuous fiberglass skin. CFRT is an advanced version of FRP, with continuous fibers and higher strength. Combined with the low density of XPS foam, the CFRT skin makes the panels stronger yet lightweight.

Product Advantages

  • Lightweight: CFRT sheets are thinner than typical GRP sheets, and when combined with lightweight XPS foam core, the resulting sandwich panels are much lighter than composite panels with similar strength properties.
  • High Strength: CFRT provides high tensile strength and stiffness, allowing panels to withstand considerable loads while remaining lightweight.
  • Thermal Insulation: XPS foam core has excellent thermal insulation properties, making CFRT XPS sandwich panels suitable for applications requiring temperature control, such as the construction and transportation industries.
  • Durability: CFRT composites are known for their durability and resistance to corrosion, chemicals, and UV radiation. This durability, combined with the protective XPS core material, extends the life of CFRT XPS sandwich panels.

Structure Schematic Diagram

  • CFRT Sheet: It is a multi-layer continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic (UP Tapes) that has higher strength and rigidity than thermosetting GRP materials. More
  • XPS Foam: It is a lightweight closed-cell rigid foam with excellent thermal insulation properties, which can effectively insulate, reduce energy consumption, and provide a comfortable indoor environment. More


Total Thickness10~120mm, of customized.
Core MaterialsXPS foam core. (Density: 35~50kg/m³)
Skin MaterialsCFRT sheet(0.4~10mm).
Layers of UD Tape2~9 layers, the number of layers can be customized.
Surface FilmPET/PVC/PP film.
Surface ColorNatural/black and other colors can be customized.
Performance TreatmentAnti-ultraviolet, flame retardant, antistatic.
Process OptionsCNC machining services.

Performance Parameters (Reference)

Skin Thicknessmm1.5
Core Thicknessmm50
Areal WeightKg/m²0.63
Flexural Strength (Max Load: 2770.659N, Sample Size: 300x100x53mm)MPa2.067
Compression Strength (Max Load: 2770.659N, Sample Size: 60x60x53mm)MPa0.559

Customized Services

  • CFRT surface treatment is diverse: surface decoration film can choose high-gloss surface, matte surface, and various patterns and textures.
  • Composite with other materials: CFRT XPS panels can be used as substrates to be composited with other materials.
  • CNC Machining: CFRT XPS panels can be reprocessed according to design drawings.


CFRT laminated XPS foam core sandwich panels have been able to replace metal, wood, and FRP panel materials in many areas. It not only saves a lot of manufacturing costs and fuel costs, but also greatly extends the service life of the application products. It is widely used in:

  • Refrigerated truck body.
  • Caravan and travel trailer bodies.
  • Cold room panels.
  • Mobile home panels.
  • Other industries that require lightweighting.