Anti-skid Honeycomb Panels

TOPOLO thermoplastic anti-skid honeycomb panels are made of PP honeycomb cores and CFRT (Contact Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic) sheets. CFRT sheet is laminated using UD tapes, and its surface is a non-slip texture pressed using a mold. The CFRT material is durable and is an ideal anti-skid material. It has good anti-ultraviolet effect after adding carbon black particles. It is not only non-slip, lightweight, strong, and also durable. It can be a good replacement for traditional metal non-slip floors.

Basic Specifications

  • Skin Material: CFRT Sheet.
  • Core Material: PP(polypropylene) Honeycomb.
  • Density:80~140kg/m³.
  • Total Thickness:10~30mm.
  • Skin Thickness:0.7~3mm.
  • Max Width:3.2m.
  • Max Length: 12m.

Features of Thermoplastic Anti-skid Honeycomb Panels in TOPOLO

  • Strong, reusable, and low cost.
  • Lighter than timber, steel, and aluminum boards.
  • Impervious to water and resistant to oil, solvents, acids, and saltwater.
  • Fireproof.
  • Easy to cut, for different sizes to choose from.
  • Customizable for anti-skid function.
  • Can be embossed with the company logo.


  • Truck Floor.
  • Mobile Stage Floor.
  • Bus Aisle Floor.
  • Ladder Treads.
  • Scaffolding Board.

Comparison of Different Anti-skid Materials

Water ResistanceResistantAbsorbableRusty
Chemical ResistanceResistantNot resistantNot resistant

Expert in Lightweight Materials – TOPOLO

TOPOLO is a professional manufacturer of thermoplastic non-slip honeycomb panels. We customize the thickness, width and length for customers to suit different application fields.

Packaging and Shipping

TOPOLO implements strict packaging standards. In general, fumigated wooden pallets and wrapping films are used to protect it, and in special cases, welded steel frames are used.