Embossed polypropylene thermoplastic anti-skid honeycomb panels

TOPOLO thermoplastic anti-skid honeycomb panels are made of PP (honeycomb) honeycomb core and CFRT (continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic) sheets. CFRT material is strong and durable and is an ideal anti-slip material. CFRT sheets are made of multiple layers of UD tapes laminated at different angles, and then extruded through a roller with a non-slip embossed texture. With the pursuit of lightweight in various industries, thermoplastic anti-slip honeycomb panels replace wooden floors and metal floors and are used in many industries.

TOPOLO is a professional manufacturer of anti-skid thermoplastic honeycomb panels.

  • Custom sizes, thicknesses and densities.
  • Customized related accessories.
  • Can be embossed with company logo.
  • Provide a complete set of solutions.

Advantages of Thermoplastic Anti-skid Honeycomb Panels

  • Lightweight and easy to move: Its internal honeycomb core structure greatly reduces the density of the anti-skid panel. It is lighter than wooden boards and metal panels of the same volume. Workers can manually carry panels within 2 square meters.
  • Durable and wear-resistant: The anti-skid texture on the surface is dense and neatly arranged, and its anti-skid texture will not be damaged by heavy objects squeezing or scratching by sharp objects, and its service life can reach more than ten years.
  • Stable structure: Anti-slip thermoplastic honeycomb panels are not easily deformed and have excellent tensile strength, high rigidity and high resilience. It’s not afraid of bends and squeezes.
  • Waterproof and moisture-proof: CFRT and polypropylene are both thermoplastics. They do not absorb water, are resistant to general chemicals, and will not deform or rot in humid environments.
  • 100% recyclable: Anti-skid honeycomb panels can be recycled after their service life expires. The recycling cost is low and the environment will not be damaged during the recycling process. This reduces resource waste and protects the environment.
Embossed polypropylene thermoplastic anti-skid honeycomb panels
Extra large size to meet applications in various industries.
Embossed polypropylene thermoplastic anti-skid honeycomb panels
Resistant to permanent deformation.

Comparison of Different Anti-skid Materials

Water ResistanceResistantAbsorbableRusty
Chemical ResistanceResistantNot resistantNot resistant

Basic Specifications of Anti-skid Honeycomb Panels

Skin MaterialCFRT (Continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic) Sheet.
Core MaterialPP(polypropylene) Honeycomb.
Total Thickness10~30mm.
Skin Thickness0.7~3.0mm.
Max Width2.8m.
Max Length12m.
TypeSingle-sided anti-skid or double-sided anti-skid.

Schematic Diagram of Anti-skid Honeycomb Panels

The composite of anti-slip CFRT sheet and polypropylene honeycomb is completed by thermal lamination, which heats the CFRT sheet and PP honeycomb core to melt them together. Sometimes, hot melt film is added to make them more tightly bonded. CFRT sheets have good anti-light and anti-ultraviolet effects after adding carbon black particles.

Performance Parameters (Reference)

Skin Thicknessmm1
Core Thicknessmm12
Areal WeightKg/m²0.61
Flexural Strength (Max Load: 2770.659N, Sample Size: 300x100x14mm)MPa15.695
Compression Strength (Max Load: 2770.659N, Sample Size: 60x60x14mm)MPa4.077
Note:The above values are average values obtained by the laboratory and are for reference only. Actual performance figures vary based on materials, specifications and craftsmanships.

Applications of Anti-skid Honeycomb Panels

Anti-slip thermoplastic honeycomb panels are used as flooring in many areas. Such as:

  • Truck floors: dry cargo trucks, side dump trucks, dump trucks, flatbed trucks, horse trailers, etc.
  • Other areas: mobile stage floors, bus aisle floors, ladder treads. Scaffolding boards etc.
Thermoplastic non-slip honeycomb panels for truck floors

Processing and Services

Embossed polypropylene thermoplastic anti-skid honeycomb panels

CNC Machining

High-precision 5-axis synchronous CNC machine process honeycomb panels. The processing efficiency is high, ensuring consistent specifications of products in the same batch and reducing errors.

Packaging and Shipping

TOPOLO implements strict packaging standards. In general, fumigated wooden pallets and wrapping films are used to protect it, and in special cases, welded steel frames are used.