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TOPOLO anti-skid honeycomb panels are made of PP honeycomb cores and CFRT (Contact Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic) sheets. CFRT sheet is laminated using UD tapes, and its surface is a non-slip texture pressed using a mold. This is not only non-slip, lightweight, strong but also durable. It can be a good replacement for traditional metal non-slip floors.

Features of TOPOLO Scaffolding Fiberglass Honeycomb Panels

  • Strong, reusable, and low cost
  • Lighter than timber, steel, and aluminum boards
  • Impervious to water and resistant to oil, solvents, acids, and saltwater
  • Fireproof
  • Easy to cut, for different sizes to choose from
  • Customizable for anti-skid function
  • Can be embossed with the company logo
Features of TOPOLO Scaffolding Fiberglass Honeycomb Panels


  • Construction, especially suitable for scaffold boards.
  • Truck floor.
  • Stairs.
  • Sports.
Truck anti skid honeycomb floor
Application of Anti Skid Sandwich Panels

Material Comparison

Property \ MaterialCFRTTIMBERMETAL
WATER RESISTANCEresistantabsorbablerusty
CHEMICAL RESISTANCEresistantnot resistantnot resistant

TOPOLO is a specialized manufacturer of honeycomb panels for scaffolding boards. We also have a wide range of honeycomb sandwich panels of various core materials and for various fields.

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