Polyurethane (often abbreviated PUR and PU) is a class of polymers with various physical properties, leading to an equally wide range of different applications. These include rigid and flexible foams, varnishes and coatings, adhesives, electrical potting compounds, and fibers such as spandex and PUL. Of these, PU foams are the largest single application, accounting for 67% of all polyurethane produced in 2016.

Closed cell rigid pu foam board

PU foam has many applications, including automotive instrument panels, caster wheels, power tools, sporting goods, medical devices, drive belts, footwear, inflatable rafts, and a variety of extruded film, sheet and profile uses. PU foam is also a popular material found in flexible outer cases of devices like mobile phones and keyboard protectors.

Specification Parameter

Core Density35kg/m3~45kg/m3
ColorWhite, blue, black, green, yellow, customized

PU Foam Board Performance

AppearanceWell-distributed foam structureWell-distributed foam structure
Density35±3kg/m3 (normal)43±3kg/m3 (high density)
Compression Strength≥120KPa≥180KPa
Thermal Conductivity
Dimension Stability (3D)
70℃/48h -30℃/48h
≤2.0% ≤1.5%≤2.0% ≤1.5%

PU Foam Features

  • Super thermal insulation property;
  • Can be cut and shaped by hand or machined;
  • High-density and low-density versions are optional;
  • Dimension stability (no expanding or contracting);
  • Compatible with epoxy, polyester, and vinyl-ester resin systems;
  • Can be finished to a high standard with a range of surface coats.

PU Foam for Vehicle Body Panels

High-density PU foam is also intended for use as a structural core material in truck and trailer bodies. Core materials can be used in GRP structures to increase stiffness for load-bearing purposes, reducing weight, cost, and laminating time.

For Reefer Trailer Panels

Polyurethane is proud of its thermal performance, that is insulation. So it’s never wrong to use PU in any freezing system, including freezer cargo and reefer trailers, as well as RV and motorhomes traveling in cold areas. In recent years, COVID-19 urges more liberalists to consider a warm house movable to wherever safe and free.

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