Polyurethane PU Foam Board Manufacturer in China

The rigid polyurethane(PU/PUR) foam board has a closed-cell structure, which has excellent properties such as good heat insulation effect, high strength, and easy cutting. It also has the characteristics of sound insulation, shock resistance, electrical insulation, heat resistance, cold resistance, solvent resistance, and flame retardancy.

Rigid Polyurethane Foam Features

  • Super thermal insulation property.
  • Can be cut and shaped by hand or machined.
  • High-density and low-density versions are optional.
  • Dimension stability (no expanding or contracting).
  • Compatible with epoxy, polyester, and vinyl-ester resin systems.

Rigid PU Foam Board Performance

Compression StrengthMpa≥0.15
Closed Cell Rate%≥97
Thermal ConductivityW/m·K0.017~0.022
Water Absorption%≤0.2
Operating Temperature≤100℃


PU foam boards are widely used in the thermal insulation layer of boxes such as cold storage, refrigerated trucks, RVs, storage tanks, pipes, building walls, etc. Generally, polyurethane rigid foam with lower density is mainly used as thermal insulation material, higher density polyurethane rigid foam can be used as structural material.

Rigid PU foam boards can be used with CNC machines to create durable, reusable tools, prototypes, models and patterns. Choosing the best PU foam board for the purpose will reduce residual particles and allow for easy cleanup, while it has excellent dimensional stability and will maintain tolerances even when exposed to extremes of temperature and humidity.

PU foam board CNC machining 03

PU Foam Sandwich Panels

The thermal insulation performance of high-density polyurethane foam board makes it an ideal filling material in composite sandwich insulation panels. It is laminated with various covering layers (aluminum/FRP sheet) with glue to form a strong sandwich panel. You can’t go wrong with PU in any refrigeration system, especially hard to freeze trucks and refrigerated trailers, as well as RVs traveling in colder regions.


TOPOLO provides customers with different specifications of PU foam board, and can customize different colors and shapes for customers.

PU foam board processing

We provide the following testing services:

  • Fire retardant testing certification: EN13501-1, GB 8624, BS 476-21, DIN 4102, BS 476-7.
  • Indoor air quality VOC test: AgBB, ISO 16000-6.
  • Acoustic test, sound insulation test: ASTM E90, ASTM E413, ISO140, EN 771.
  • Chemical testing: RoHS, Reach, PAHs, heavy metal testing, etc.
  • Physical testing: tensile strength, failure, bending properties, shear strength, etc.
  • Abrasion test: EN 660-2.
  • Thermal conductivity test: EN 12664.