PVC Foam Sandwich Panels Manufacturer in China

PVC foam sandwich panel is a new one-piece molding composite panel developed by TOPOLO. It uses fiberglass, aluminum, plywood, etc. as the skin material, and high-quality closed-cell rigid PVC foam as the core material. It achieves lighter and stronger performance and meets the requirements for lightweight products in many fields. In order to better improve product performance, this is a composite panel worth considering.

Advantages of PVC Foam Core Sandwich Panels

  • High strength: Change its strength by controlling the density of the core material
  • Waterproof and moisture-proof: a completely closed-cell structure, which effectively isolates water from immersion.
  • Lightweight and easy to process: The hardness and rigidity of the PVC foam panel is suitable for quick cutting and processing.


Core Density45~250kg/m3
SkinFRP/GRP sheet, CFRT sheet, Aluminum sheet, Plywood, etc
Core ColorWhite, black, green, yellow, etc

Structure of PVC Foam Core Sandwich Panels

PVC foam sandwich panel is a typical three-layer structure composite material, the upper and lower layers are skin materials ( fiberglass, aluminum, steel, plastic, plywood, etc.), and the middle is PVC foam core material. The skin and core are laminated using high-quality glue through a laminator. Various designed pattern materials can also be pasted on its surface to highlight the customer’s style.

Structure of PVC Foam Sandwich Panels

PVC Foam Board

The PVC(Polyvinyl Chloride) foam board material is a rigid foam with completely closed cells. It has excellent comprehensive mechanical properties and stable chemical properties. As the core material of composite panels, it is widely used in various industries.

PVC Foam Board

Skin Material System

Since PVC foam is composite with other materials using adhesives, the choice of skin material is virtually unlimited: aluminum, fiberglass, steel, plywood, plastic are all within the range of available materials.

Fiberglass Skin PVC Foam Core Sandwich Panels

Compared with traditional metal composite panels, fiberglass skin PVC foam composite panels are lighter in weight, not easily deformed, easy to install, and have a longer service life. In addition to using traditional thermosetting FRP materials as skin materials, TOPOLO has also developed a new type of thermoplastic FRP material – CFRT (Continuous Glass Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic) as skin materials.

Application of PVC Foam Core Panels

TOPOLO high-quality PVC foam core sandwich panels can be applied to various RVs, trucks, buildings, furniture and other application requirements. It replaces the application of a large number of wood and metal materials, reducing mineral mining and deforestation.

Product Quality Commitment

TOPOLO adopts one-piece molding composite technology, the skin and core material are laminated and formed in a press at one time, with high production efficiency and stable quality.

  • The surface of the panel is flat and smooth without protrusions and depressions.
  • The skin and the core material are closely combined and are not easy to delaminate.
  • There will be no problems with damp and mold on the panel.

Customized Service

TOPOLO provides professional lightweight material solutions to solve the problems in your project, in addition to PVC foam sandwich panels you can also choose foam sandwich panels such as XPS, PET, PU, EPP, EPS and other series, it depends on your project requirements.