PVC Foam Sandwich Panels


PVC foam panel is a polymer composite material that provides structural support instead of metal. The strength of PVC foam sandwich panels is between PET and PU panels. The PVC foam board has a consistent, smooth, and flat surface, making it suitable for direct print and laminating. The PVC material is self-extinguishing and suitable for projects with the highest safety requirements. The surface is covered with a piece of PP film to protect the panel skin. The size and thickness of the PVC thermoplastic composite panel are customizable.


WidthMax 3.2m
ThicknessSkin: 0.7mm~3mm
Core: 10mm-120mm
Core Density25~50kg/m3
SkinFRP/GRP Sheet
ColorWhite, black, green, yellow, customized
ApplicationRVs, truck trailers, vans, campers, Caravans, motorboats, trains, mobile homes, dry truck bodies, etc.
Custom-MadeEmbedded Tube/Plate,  CNC service

Fiberglass PVC Foam Sandwich Panel Layer Structure

PVC foam sandwich panels are a composite material, the upper and lower layers are FRP material, and the middle is a PVC foam core.

PVC Foam Sandwich Panel Layer Structure
Fiberglass PVC Foam Sandwich Panel

PVC Foam Sandwich Panel Advantages

  • Lead-free and heavy metal-free
  • Optimal density for stiffness and durability
  • Fine microcellular structure
  • No voids in thickness
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Great insulating characteristics
  • Fire retardant
  • Weather resistant

Application of PVC Foam Panel

  • Signage
  • Retail display
  • Direct digital printing
  • Exhibition graphics
  • Model making
  • Wall cladding

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