Aluminum Composite Panels, ACP Panels, ACM Panels.

Aluminum Composite Panels (ACP Panels or ACM Panels) are a new type of decorative material. It uses chemically treated pre-coated aluminum sheets as the surface material, polyethylene plastic as the core material, and is processed on dedicated production equipment. It not only retains the main characteristics of the raw materials (aluminum, polyethylene plastic), but also overcomes the shortcomings of the raw materials, and then obtains many excellent material properties, such as luxury, bright and colorful decoration, weather resistance, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, easy to process, easy to transport and install.

Schematic Diagram of Aluminum Composite Panels

  • Prepianted Aluminum Sheets

The surface coating of aluminum sheets can be applied using different painting processes to achieve a variety of colors and textures.

  • PE Core

PE plastic core materials are lightweight and corrosion-resistant, making them suitable for use in humid or chemically aggressive environments. In addition, PE plastic is also recyclable and reduces resource waste and environmental burden.

Aluminum Composite Panels, ACP Panels, ACM Panels.

Applications of Aluminum Composite Panels

Aluminum-plastic panels are widely used in the construction industry, mainly in exterior wall decoration, interior decoration, billboard production, partition walls, ceilings and other fields, and have become one of the representatives of metal curtain walls.


  • Width: 220mm,1500mm,2000mm or customized.
  • Length: 1000mm, 2440mm, 3000mm, 4000mm, 6000mm or customized.
  • Total Thickness: 3mm, 4mm, 6mm or customized.
  • Aluminum Thickness: 0.12mm, 0.15mm, 0.18mm, 0.21mm, 0.25mm, 0.28mm, 0.3mm or customized.
  • Aluminum Grade: 1100, 1050, 1060, 3003, 3004,5005 or customized.
  • Additional Functions: Fireproofing, Anti-static, Anti-Bacterial, Mould-proof.
  • Fire Resistance Ratings: B1, A, A2.
  • Surface Treatment: Mirror, sandblasting, matte, embossed, etc.
  • Surface Coating: PE, PU, PVDF, FEVE.
  • Gloss: 10~90%.
  • Colors: RAL Colors.

Physical Properties (3.0mm, PVDF Coating)

Pencil hardness2H
Toughness of coating2T
Tensile strength130 Mpa
Temperature Resistance-50°C to +90°C
Impact Strength50kg/cm2 , no change
Boiling water resistanceBoiling for 2 hrs, no change
Thermal Expansion2.4mm/m at 100°C Temp difference
Acid ResistanceImmersed in 2% HCL for 24 hrs, no change
Alkali ResistanceImmersed in 2% NaOH for 24 hrs, no change
Cleaning ResistanceCleaned 1000 times with water, no change
Oil ResistanceImmersed in 20# engine oil for 24 hrs, no change
Solvent ResistanceCleaned 100 times with dimethylbenzene, no change

Easy to Process

TOPOLO aluminum composite panels are lightweight, easy to achieve complex shape effects and easy to install, making it easy to achieve your architectural effects. Our aluminum composite panels can be processed using ordinary tools, it can be easily performed cutting, grooving, punching, drilling, bending, rolling and many other processes. Therefore, its processing is almost unlimited and can be processed into various complex shapes.

How to install aluminum composite panels

Rich Colors

There are more than 100 conventional colors of aluminum-plastic panels, including monochrome series, brushed series, mirror series, wood grain series, marble series, high-gloss series, etc. We have a variety of popular styles to choose from.

The Color of Aluminum Composite Panels

Excellent Fire Resistance

The middle of the ACP panel is a flame-retardant PE plastic core material, and both sides are aluminum layers that are extremely difficult to burn. Therefore, it is a safe fire-resistant material that meets the fire-resistant requirements of building regulations. Our ACP panels are fire-rated Class A and B.

Super Peel Strength

TOPOLO aluminum-plastic panels adopt a new production process, which improves the peel strength to an excellent state, and improves the performance in terms of weather resistance.

Aluminum Composite Panels, ACP Panels, ACM Panels.

Weather Resistance

The surface of the ACP panel is pre-coated with high-performance fluorocarbon paint, which has unique advantages in weather resistance. Its beautiful appearance will not be damaged whether it is exposed to hot sunshine or cold wind and snow, and it can last up to 20 years without fading.

Aluminum Composite Panels, ACP Panels, ACM Panels.

Easy to Clean

Due to its good self-cleaning properties, you only need to use neutral detergent and water, and the panel will look like new after cleaning.

Installation Methods of Aluminum Composite Panels

Installation method of curved aluminum composite panels
Installation method of flat aluminum composite panels

How to make high-quality aluminum composite panels in TOPOLO

Prepare raw materials

Store enough aluminum sheets and polyethylene plastic, and conduct corresponding inspection and quality control.

Hot press forming

The aluminum sheet and plastic sandwich layer are hot press formed to firmly bond them together and form the final aluminum-plastic panel product.

Aluminum Composite Panels, ACP Panels, ACM Panels.
Quality inspection

The completed ACP panels need to undergo strict quality inspection to ensure that they meet industry standards.

Aluminum Composite Panels, ACP Panels, ACM Panels.
Packaging and shipping

After qualified ACP panels are packaged, they can be shipped to customers or distributors.