Fiberglass PP Honeycomb Panels Manufacturer in China

PP (polypropylene) honeycomb is a durable and environmentally friendly lightweight material with very good corrosion resistance, FRP is a high-strength material. Fiberglass PP honeycomb panels have good vibration resistance while maintaining lightness and strength performance.

PP Honeycomb Sandwich Panel Features


High Strength

Low Cost


Thermal Insulation

Fiberglass PP Honeycomb Panels Structure
Fiberglass PP Honeycomb Sandwich Panels Structure

Various surface treatments available

The surface of PP honeycomb panels can be customized with various texture patterns according to the purpose.

Stone Skin Fiberglass PP Honeycomb Panels
Stone Skin
Golf Skin Fiberglass PP Honeycomb Panels
Golf Skin
Wood Skin Fiberglass PP Honeycomb Panels
Wood Skin

Different shapes of core materials are available


Weight/Kg/m24.4(25 mm core)4.8(30 mm core)
Impact ResistanceGB/T 1451kJ/m2>25
Compression Strength1GB/T 1453MPa1.5~2.2
Compressive Modulus1GB/T 1453MPa30~100
Bending Force1GB/T 1456N1200~2500
Shear StrengthGB/T 1455MPa0.45~0.55

Note1: Typical value is affected by the thickness of the sandwich panel.

Fiberglass PP honeycomb panel offers advantages over conventional materials

  • PP Honeycomb PK Wood Panel
PP Honeycomb PK Wood Panel
  • Fireproof
  • Mildew Proof
  • Waterproof
  • Material Save
  • Service Times
  • PP Honeycomb PK Aluminum Panel
PP Honeycomb PK Aluminum Panel
  • Chemical Proof
  • Easy Cleaning
  • Release Agent Independent
  • Lightweight
  • Service Times

Fiberglass PP honeycomb panel has a wide range of uses.

Vehicle Production
Home Renovation
Sporting Toos
Building Materials

Fiberglass PP Honeycomb Panel Expert

TOPOLO is a lightweight sandwich panel supplier dedicated to designing and manufacturing composite materials for lightweight solutions of vehicles, construction, and many other fields. The lightweight, durability, and high mechanical, and chemical properties make the T-SW series PP thermoplastic sandwich panels very good candidates for many applications such as truck bodies, doors, packaging, floors, etc.

TOPOLO Customized Service

Customized length, width, thickness.

Custom glass fiber reinforced sheets.

Custom surface patterns.

Custom honeycomb core shapes.

Custom CNC cutting services.

Custom packaging.

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