Fiberglass PP Honeycomb Panels Manufacturer in China

The upper and lower layers of fiberglass reinforced polypropylene honeycomb composite panels are FRP sheets, and the middle layer is PP (polypropylene) honeycomb core. It is one of the lightest and strongest composite sandwich panels produced in the manufacturing industry. PP honeycomb is a durable and environmentally friendly lightweight material with very good corrosion resistance, and FRP is a high-strength material. Compositing them together maintains not only lightweight and strength properties but also good vibration resistance.

Fiberglass PP Honeycomb Panels Structure

Fiberglass Reinforced PP Honeycomb Panel Features

β˜‘ Lightweight.
β˜‘ High strength.
β˜‘ Easy to install.
β˜‘ Waterproof & Moistureproof.
β˜‘ Weather resistance.
β˜‘ Chemical resistance.
β˜‘ Recyclable

What’s Special about TOPOLO Fiberglass Reinforced PP Honeycomb Panels?

  • The New FRP Sheet

The new FRP sheet – CFRT Sheets (multi-layer continuous glass fiber reinforced thermoplastic material), it is a multi-layer unidirectional prepreg tape laminated together at different angles (0Β°, 45Β°, 90Β°), compared to The traditional short-fiber FRP sheet is arranged more neatly, so it has greater impact strength and toughness, and of course, it can be made lighter and thinner.

  • The Unique Thermal Fusion Process

No glue is used between the sheet and the core material. The matrix of the reinforced sheet is also the resin of the PP material, and the polypropylene honeycomb core and the glass fiber reinforced sheet are fused together after heating. The inseparable connection between the honeycomb core and the skin is formed after hot-melt bonding.


Total Thickness10~75mm
Thickness ToleranceΒ±0.5mm
Skin Thickness0.3~5mm
Core size6~16mm
Standard Width2160/2300/2500/2750mm
Surface TreatmentNon-slip, high gloss, matte, etc
Surface Colorblack, white, natural, wood grain, stone grain, etc
PerformanceAnti-UV coating, flame retardant coating, protective film.

Various Surface Treatments are Available

The surface of PP honeycomb panel can be customized with various textures and patterns according to the application, it can be processed into smooth high-gloss and matte surface, or it can be processed into rough surface with good anti-skid effect.

Fiberglass PP Honeycomb Panel Offers advantages Over Conventional Materials

  • PP Honeycomb Panel vs Wood Panel
PP Honeycomb PK Wood Panel
  • Fireproof
  • Mildew Proof
  • Waterproof
  • Material Save
  • Service Times
  • PP Honeycomb Panel vs Aluminum Panel
PP Honeycomb PK Aluminum Panel
  • Chemical Proof
  • Easy Cleaning
  • Release Agent Independent
  • Lightweight
  • Service Times

Fiberglass PP honeycomb Panels are Widely Used.

PP honeycomb panels with FRP skin are widely used, from automobiles, RVs, ships, furniture and even sporting goods. Its application greatly improves the service life of the final product and reduces production costs.

Vehicle Production
Home Renovation
Sporting Tools
Building Materials

Fiberglass PP Honeycomb Panel Expert – TOPOLO

TOPOLO is a lightweight sandwich panel supplier dedicated to designing and manufacturing composite materials for lightweight solutions for vehicles, construction, and many other fields. The lightweight, durability, and high mechanical, and chemical properties make the T-SW series PP thermoplastic sandwich panels very good candidates for many applications such as truck bodies, doors, packaging, floors, etc.

Supply Fiberglass skin PP Honeycomb Core Sandwich Panels

TOPOLO Customized Service

β˜‘ Customized length, width, and thickness.

β˜‘ Custom glass fiber reinforced sheets.

β˜‘ Custom honeycomb core shapes.

β˜‘ Custom surface patterns.

β˜‘ Custom CNC cutting services.

β˜‘ Custom packaging.