Professional Composite Sandwich Panel Manufacturer in China

TOPOLO New Materials is a high-tech material manufacturer, established in 2014, we are dedicated to composite materials in the fields of automotive, construction, medical, sports, etc.

TOPOLO Materials Business

Our main products are fiberglass sheets, unidirectional prepreg tapes, fiberglass sandwich panels (foamed panels, honeycomb panels), sandwich panel cores (foamed/honeycomb), etc. In particular, fiberglass sandwich panels have been widely used in RVs, refrigerated vehicles, temporary buildings, etc. These products sell well all over the world. At the same time, we also provide design services for customers.

TOPOLO Custom Car Body Business

Our professional team can tell you how to customize your exclusive products, analyze the property and application of various materials, and put forward the best solution for your specific demands.

TOPOLO Products Application

TOPOLO FRP and CFRT (New FRP) panels are widely used in various industries such as dry truck bodies, construction, sports, etc.


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