Experts in Lightweight Solutions

TOPOLO New Materials is a technology company integrating new materials and new technologies. We are committed to providing customers with lightweight solutions. In the field of composite materials, we continue to innovate and develop lighter, stronger and more environmentally friendly materials. We serve many industries such as vehicles, construction, ships, medical care, sports and new energy. Since the establishment of TOPOLO, we have served thousands of customers from different industries and won praise and affirmation from companies all over the world.

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Lightweight Materials

Foam Core Panels

XPS/PU/PET/PVC/EPP/MPP foam core composite panels. Waterproof, thermally insulated, and lightweight.

Honeycomb Core Panels

The PP honeycomb core is composited with fiberglass sheet, which is strong and light.

FRP Sheets

The gel coat on the surface of the FRP sheet makes it waterproof, insulating, flat and smooth.

NEW FRP Sheets

Continuous fiberglass reinforced thermoplastic sheets are lighter, thinner and more resilient.

TOPOLO lightweight composite materials are richly colorful: various core materials, various skins. We will customize the best cost-effective composite material according to your project needs.

Lightweight Solutions

Our professional team can tell you how to customize your exclusive products, analyze the property and application of various materials, and put forward the best solution for your specific demands.

RV Solutions

RV wall, roofing, flooring, furniture panels and accessories.

Truck Solutions

CKD refrigerated trucks, dry freight trucks. And provide design solutions.

Mobile Home Solutions

More economical, efficient and ECO-friendly mobile home solutions.

Vessel Solutions

Individual design solutions and high-quality composite materials.

Serving The Global Market

We are located in China, but we serve the global market, we provide reliable products and solutions for manufacturers and distributors all over the world. We have a professional international sales service team. We can deeply understand your product needs, provide one-stop service, provide the highest quality product design, follow up on production progress, reduce production costs, and eliminate transportation risks.

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