Expert in Lightweight Solutions

TOPOLO is the top composite material manufacturer in China, both in terms of scale and technological advancement. We have internationally advanced production equipment, a manufacturing plant covering tens of thousands of square meters, skilled technical workers, an advanced production management system, and a professional international sales team.

TOPOLO New Materials is a high-tech material manufacturer, established in 2014, we are dedicated to composite materials in the fields of automotive, construction, medicine, sports, etc. Our main products are fiberglass sheets, unidirectional prepreg tapes, fiberglass sandwich panels (foamed panels, honeycomb panels), sandwich panel cores (foamed/honeycomb), etc. In particular, fiberglass sandwich panels have been widely used in RVs, refrigerated vehicles, temporary buildings, etc. These products sell well all over the world. At the same time, we also provide design services for customers. Our professional team can show you how to customize your exclusive product, analyze the properties and applications of various materials, and propose the best solution for your specific needs.

Factory Production Line

TOPOLO’s factory covers an area of tens of thousands of square meters, and we build multiple advanced production lines with an annual output of more than one million square meters.

Diversified Products

At TOPOLO you can meet your different choices of composite materials, from raw materials: unidirectional tapes, laminated sheets, and composite sandwich panels to finished manufacturing: RV bodies, refrigerated bodies, dry cargo bodies, etc.

Standard Testing System

High-quality products rely on professional technology. We are constantly innovating to improve our proficiency. We have dedicated laboratories with precise equipment for testing our products.

Professional International Service Team

Professional international service team – English, French, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, etc., make our communication unimpeded, from pre-sales product consultation to after-sales logistics services, to provide you with professional solutions.