Fiberglass Foam Core Panels Manufacturer in China

Fiberglass foam core panels are a popular sandwich composite panel that perfectly combines volume and strength. Its high-cost performance makes it replace traditional metal or wood in many fields. It is already an integral part of the modern materials field. TOPOLO is committed to the development of new composite materials. At present, we have developed various types of FRP foam composite panels, which greatly meet the pursuit of products with different performances.


Skin MaterialThermoset FRP Sheet, Thermoplastic CFRT Sheet
Total Thickness10~120mm
Core Density30~300kg/m³
Surface ColorRAL Color Series
Core MaterialXPS Foam, PU foam, PET foam, PVC foam, EPP Foam, MPP Foam
ProcessingCNC machining, Embedded structure
ApplicationCampers, box trucks, buildings, furniture, boats.

Structure of Fiberglass Foam Sandwich Panels

The skin of fiberglass foam panels is FRP material, and the FRP material can be thermoset FRP sheet or thermoplastic CFRT sheet; the middle core material is foam board, usually made of XPS, PET, PVC, EPP, PU, MPP, and other foam boards. The skin and core are held together by compression molding using high-quality glue.

Typical Features of Fiberglass Foam Core Panels

  • Thermal insulation: The thermal conductivity of the closed-cell foam core material is low, which can effectively keep the temperature inside the panel in a constant range.
  • Lightweight: The density of FRP and foam board is very low, and the lightest foam core can even reach 30~40kg/m³.
  • High strength: FRP is famous for its strength and toughness, and the FRP foam sandwich panel can effectively offset the general impact force.
  • Waterproof and moisture-proof: the water absorption rate of closed-cell foam is extremely low, while FRP basically completely isolates water.
  • Easy to cut: This is a huge advantage of FRP foam core panels compared to metal composite panels, which greatly facilitates processing, such as cutting and drilling.

FRP Facing Materials

The general-purpose FRP panel is a thermosetting FRP material, and its surface can be coated with a gel-coat. TOPOLO has developed a new type of thermoplastic FRP material, which we call CFRT (Continuous Fiberglass Reinforced Thermoplastic), which is a lighter and stronger FRP product.

Different Foam Core Materials Available

Different foam core materials have different physical properties, which core material to choose depends on the specific application of the customer’s product. TOPOLO offers the following fiberglass foam core sandwich panels.

Embedded Structure Enhances Strength

In order to enhance the strength of the panel and prevent the FRP foam sandwich panel from deforming due to its large area or breaking due to its own weight, structural reinforcement materials, such as wood, metal pipes, plastic pipes, and plastic components, are usually embedded inside the panel. Doing so also facilitates screw installation and electrical wire routing.

Embedded aluminum tube
Embedded I-shaped structure
Embedded wood
Embedded fiberglass tube

CNC Machining for Fiberglass Foam Core Sandwich Panels

TOPOLO adopts advanced five-axis CNC machining, which can cut, drill and mill the panel, which can not only process complex panel shapes, but also greatly improve the machining accuracy and improve production efficiency.


As a new type of composite material, the performance of fiberglass foam sandwich panels is far superior to that of solid composite panels, because of their excellent performance, it is used in many industries, such as RV, trucks, buildings, boats, furniture and other industries. It greatly enhances the performance of these products and greatly reduces production costs.

  • FRP Skin foam sandwich panels are used as wall panels, floor, roof panels for campers, caravans, teardrop, truck campers, C class RV, etc.
  • Insulation panels for refrigerated trucks and dry cargo trucks.
  • Temporary houses, mobile toilets, mobile villas, guard booths, etc.
  • FRP foam composite panels are widely used in the floor and wall panels of ships.

TOPOLO Provides You With Professional Composite Sandwich Panels

TOPOLO has advanced sandwich panel production equipment and a factory covering tens of thousands of square meters to produce fiberglass foam core panels of different specifications. We implement strict quality standards from raw materials to production to packaging and transportation.

Our products sell well in Europe. Australia, the Middle East, North America, South America, Southeast Asia and other markets, TOPOLO is a brand recognized by some large RV, truck and construction manufacturers in these regions.