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XPS foam sandwich panels are formed by bonding extruded polystyrene foam to skins of different materials. There are many options for skin materials (fiberglass, aluminum, wood, steel, etc.). It has thermal insulation, is light and strong, waterproof and moisture-proof, environmental protection, and many other characteristics.

XPS Foam Board

XPS foam board is a material that is continuously extruded. Its surface is uniform and flat, and the interior is a completely closed cell, so it has the characteristics of high-pressure resistance, lightweight, non-absorbent, airtight, wear-resistant, and non-degradable.


Extruded polystyrene foam

XPS Sandwich Panels are Available in Different Foam and Skin at TOPOLO

XPS foam board is laminated with different materials for different product requirements. These materials can be FRP sheets, aluminum sheets, or plastics or wooden boards.

Fiberglass Sheet + XPS Foam Sandwich Panel
FRP Skin XPS Foam Panel
Aluminum Sheet + XPS Foam Sandwich Panel
Aluminum Skin XPS Foam Panel
Wood Skin XPS Foam Panel
Wood Skin XPS Foam Panel


TypeXPS Foam Sandwich Panels
WidthMax 3.2m
ThicknessSkin: 0.7mm~3mm
Core: 25mm~120mm
Core Density35kg/m3~45kg/m3
SkinFRP/GRP Sheet, CFRT Sheet, Aluminum sheet, Wooden Board
ColorWhite, black, green, yellow, or customized.
Core MaterialXPS foam
ApplicationRVs, trailers, vans, refrigerated trucks, campers, Caravans, motorboats, mobile homes, clean rooms, cold rooms, etc.
Custom-MadeEmbedded Tube/Plate, CNC service

Fiberglass XPS Foam Sandwich Panel Brief

The fiberglass XPS foam sandwich panel is a thermoplastic composite panel containing a thermoplastic resin and glass fiber. The outer skin is made of fiberglass sheets, and the core material is a closed-cell extruded polystyrene foam board, which is bonded to the skin by vacuum compression using a special adhesive.

Fiberglass XPS Foam Sandwich Panel Brief

The Basic Structure of Fiberglass XPS Foam Sandwich Panel

The fiberglass skin is available in ordinary FRP sheets (short fiber) and CFRT sheets (continuous fiber), the surface of the glass fiber sheet is coated with a gel coat made of food-grade resin, and the gel coat makes the panel surface more smooth, and easy to clean.
The inner core material uses extruded polystyrene foam with a closed cell rate of 99%, its compressive strength reaches 150-500KPA, and there are multiple colors to choose from. The extruded polystyrene also performs well under a temperature as low as -50℃.

XPS Foam Sandwich Panel Layer Structure Diagram

Why Choose Fiberglass Composited with XPS Foam?

As a new type of reinforcement material, glass fiber has incomparable advantages over metal and wood, and it replaces these traditional materials in more and more fields.

☑ Lighter: Fiberglass is lighter compared to metal materials.
☑ Stronger: Fiberglass is much stronger than wood.
☑ Moisture-proof: Fiberglass doesn’t rot as quickly as wood does in wet weather, or rust like steel.
☑ Insulation: Fiberglass is a good insulating material.

XPS Foam Sandwich Panels Application

  • RVs

XPS sandwich panels are the most popular RV body panels. Such as caravans, travel trailers, campers, mobile villas, etc.

  • Refrigerated container

Suitable for storing and transporting medicines, fresh meat, vegetables, and fruits, it is one of the most important materials for refrigerated truck bodies and cold rooms.

Building wall insulation
  • Building Insulation panels

XPS sandwich panels are used extensively in buildings that require thermal insulation.

  • Interior decoration

It is widely used in interior decoration, ceiling, sound insulation walls, and sandwich door filling material, and has the effects of heat insulation, sound insulation, moisture retention, weight reduction, etc.

TOPOLO Fiberglass XPS Foam Sandwich Panels

TOPOLO is a professional fiberglass sandwich panel manufacturer. Here you can choose the panels that suit your product. We have XPS, EPP, PU, PET, PVC, and other foam composite panels.

Fiberglass XPS Foam Composite panel production line
Fiberglass XPS Foam Composite panel Factory

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