TOPOLO Dry Freight Truck Body

A dry cargo box, sometimes called a dry freight truck body, has become a vital part of the supply-chain infrastructure. After intermodal container transportation, cargo boxes take on the tasks of last-mile delivery. Traditional cargo is usually made in metal materials, however recently, a new material – fiberglass composite panels, emerged in the production of dry cargo boxes. It is lighter and stronger, which is the future development trend of box trucks.

Fiberglass Composite Panels for Dry Cargo Box

Fiberglass Plywood Panels

Plywood is an economical and environmentally friendly high-strength material. It comes from a wide range of sources, such as poplar, pine, birch, eucalyptus, oak, etc. (the plywood used by TOPOLO is fireproof and waterproof). On both sides of the plywood Laminated fiberglass sheets are both aesthetically pleasing and durable.

Fiberglass PET Foam Panels

Among fiberglass foam panels, PET foam panels have greater strength than XPS, PU, and EPP foam panels. It can be recycled, is more environmentally friendly, and is cheaper. These make it one of the materials for the body of a dry cargo boxes.

Fiberglass PP Honeycomb Panels

Fiberglass honeycomb panel is a composite material of PP (polypropylene) and fiberglass sheets. It is a new type of lightweight and high-strength material for dry cargo trucks. We not only use FRP sheets as the skin material of PP honeycomb sandwich panels, we also use a new type of FRP material-CFRT (continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic), which provides higher strength, lighter weight, and is more Affordable.

Lightweight and High-strength Truck Bodies

Compared with the traditional steel truck body structure, the advantages are:

  • Large volume, lighter weight, increased loading weight, and reduced transportation cost.
  • The appearance is fashionable and the surface is smooth and clean, which is convenient for making car body advertising.
  • Hygiene, environmental protection, energy saving, no rust pollution, and increased thermal insulation performance.
  • Good structural strength, corrosion resistance, and service life of up to 10-15 years.
Dry Freight Truck Body

Quickly Assembled Dry Freight Truck Bodies

The CKD dry cargo truck body produced by TOPOLO meets the user’s requirements for simple and rapid assembly. All parts are produced in our factory. After the parts arrive at the destination site, workers can assemble them using simple tools such as electric drills and hammers. Since we have completed the installation of the main parts, even unskilled workers can complete the installation work after receiving our installation guidance.

TOPOLO Custom Parts for Your Dry Freight Truck Bodies

TOPOLO customizes all parts of the box truck body for you, including doors, door frames, floors, edging, locks, door handles, hinges, lights, bumpers and a series of standard or non-standard accessories.

Anti-slip aluminum flooring.
Anti-slip honeycomb core flooring.
The edges and corner caps are made of high-strength aluminum extrusions.
The door frame is made of SS304 stainless steel and seamlessly welded.
High strength galvanized steel E-Tracks.
High-strength galvanized steel subframes.

Serve The Global Market

TOPOLO supplies CKD dry cargo body for global service, which greatly simplifies the processing procedure of local enterprise truck projects. Our CKD truck bodies have been exported to Europe, Africa, South America, North America, Central Asia, Southeast Asia and other vast international markets.

TOPOLO Dry Freight Truck Body Cases

TOPOLO configures bodies for trucks of various brands. Toyota, Isuzu, Volkswagen, Ford, Mercedes-Benz, Mitsubishi, JAC, Dongfeng, Volvo, Iveco, etc. are all our service targets.

Dry Freight Truck Body
Dry Freight Truck Body
Dry Freight Truck Body
Dry Freight Truck Body

TOPOLO customized truck bodies of various specifications for customers. You only need to send us design drawings, or we have professional body designers to design a body that matches your style.