Aluminum Van Body Manufacturers in China

For trucks, lighter trucks are faster with the same amount of power, and the body leans less when cornering. Under the same strength, the lighter the truck is, the safer it is, the heavier the body, the more inertia, and the more impact it will bear after the accident, and the more serious the accident will be. The aluminum van body is light, strong, environmentally friendly, corrosion-resistant, and low-cost, which makes it suitable for many types of trucks.

Advantages of Aluminum Van Body

☑ Lightweight
Aluminum is only about 1/3 the density of steel, and the lighter weight allows it to save a lot of fuel.

☑ Sturdy
The strength of the aluminum alloy is no less than that of ordinary steel materials.

☑ Environmentally
The lightweight all-aluminum body is more environmentally friendly than the steel body because 99% of the aluminum can be recycled.

☑ Corrosion Resistance
The aluminum van body is very strong and highly resistant to corrosion. We all know that many vehicles are prone to rust after being idle for a period of time, but the aluminum alloy body does not have to worry about this problem.

☑ Low Cost
The aluminum van body panel is produced by mold, which can be mass-produced with high efficiency and low cost.

TOPOLO, as a supplier of design and manufacture of aluminum truck bodies, provides customers with complete truck body solutions.

TOPOLO provides more than simple assembly, we have professional vehicle design experts to solve the problems encountered in truck body manufacturing. These problems include body frames, chassis, door panels, door locks, lights, bumpers, floors, screws, welding, electrical wiring, and more.

Aluminum Box Truck Body
Aluminum Box Truck Body
Semi-trailer Aluminum Truck Body
Semi-trailer Aluminum Truck Body
Wing Aluminum Truck Body
Wing Aluminum Truck Body

Case: 4.2m Aluminum Van Body

  • Outward Length: 4190mm.
  • Outward Height: 2525mm.
  • Outward Width: 2350mm.
  • Inward Length: 4140mm.
  • Inward Width: 2300mm.
  • Bottom Thickness: 20mm.
  • Bottom Panel: Aluminum Profile.
  • Side Door: right folio.
  • Bare Weight (all aluminum): 460kg.
  • Door Thickness: 20mm.
  • Rear Door: Folio.
  • Panel Height: 2300mm.
  • Locks: SS/Galvanized.
  • Volume: 21.9㎡.
  • Load: 5 Tons.
4.2m aluminum van body
Side Guard
Side Beam
Rear Guard
Door Panel
Bottom Panel