TOPOLO CFRT sandwich Panels

What Is CFRT?

When you want to understand CFRT sandwich panels first you need to understand what is CFRT material.

CFRT Sheet is a new type of thermoplastic FRP sheet, which is laminated by multiple layers of continuous fiber reinforced tapes. CFRT sheets are characterized by a flexible design with a choice of fiber type, fiber content and fiber orientation to meet special requirements. The light weight and high strength of CFRT material, low thickness, plus beautiful appearance, is a breakthrough in the boundaries of traditional metal and plastic materials. Products made of CFRT materials can be recycled at the end of their useful life, and it is a model for sustainable materials.

The Basic Structure of CFRT Sheet
The Basic Structure of CFRT Sheet

CFRT Sandwich Panels

The core material of CFRT sandwich panel can choose honeycomb core or foam core. The honeycomb core is mainly made of PP (polypropylene), and the foam cores are made of XPS (extruded polystyrene), PET (polyethylene terephthalate), PU (polyurethane), PVC (polyvinyl chloride), etc.

Basic structure of CFRT Sandwich Panel
The Basic Structure of CFRT Sandwich Panel

Advantages of CFRT Sandwich Panels

Compared with ordinary fiberglass composite panels, the advantages of CFRT sandwich panels are obvious.

β˜‘ More Strong: CFRT’s continuous fibers have better impact strength than regular short fibers.
β˜‘ More Lightweight: The overall thickness of CFRT composite panels can be thinner than ordinary FRP sandwich panels, or a lighter core material can be used while maintaining the same strength.
β˜‘ More Durable: The service life of sandwich panels using CFRT as reinforcement is much longer than that of ordinary FRP composite panels.
β˜‘ More Thin: Due to the ultra-high performance strength and toughness of CFRT sheets, CFRT sandwich sheets can be thinner than other composite sheets under the same compressive and tensile strength.


SkinCFRT Sheet(thick 0.4~2mm)
Core MaterialPET foam, PVC foam, XPS Foam, PP Honeycomb

What Types of CFRT Sandwich Panels are There?

CFRT Skin Foam Sandwich Panels
CFRT Skin Foam Sandwich Panels
  • The foam panel is not only lightweight and high in strength but also has a good thermal insulation effect.
CFRT Skin Honeycomb Sandwich Panel
CFRT Skin Honeycomb Sandwich Panel
  • The honeycomb panel not only has a lighter and stronger bearing capacity but also has better impact resistance.
CFRT Skin Building Formwork
CFRT Skin Building Formwork
  • Instead of traditional wood or metal building formwork, it is not deformed and can be recycled many times.

Typical Applications of CFRT Sandwich Panels

The advantages of CFRT sandwich panels are very obvious, so their application range is very wide, and it is used in RVs, trucks, construction, ships, electricity, sports, and so on. It is used as a material for boxes or as a backplane for other materials.