CFRT Laminated PET Foam Core Sandwich Panels

CFRT laminated PET sandwich panels are sandwich structure panel that combines continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic (CFRT) and polyester (PET) foam core. This sandwich panel combines the high strength and lightweight properties of CFRT with the high compression properties of PET foam.

Product Advantages

  • Lightweight & High Strength: CFRT provides high-strength continuous fiber reinforcement, while the PET foam core is lightweight and strong, giving the sandwich panel an excellent strength-to-weight ratio.
  • Corrosion and Chemical Resistance: CFRT sheets and PET foam have good corrosion and chemical resistance, allowing CFRT PET sandwich panels to be used in harsh environments for a long time.
  • Easy to Cut: CFRT PET sandwich panels can be cut and processed as needed, have good formability, and are suitable for manufacturing various complex shapes.

Schematic Diagram of Structure

  • CFRT Sheet: It consists of multiple layers of continuous fiber thermoplastic unidirectional tape (we call it UD tape). Each layer of UD tape is interwoven in different directions (mostly 0°, 90°), and then heated and thermally bonded together. This structure gives it extremely high strength.
  • PET Foam: PET foam cores of different densities provide different compressive strengths and hardnesses. The higher the density, the higher the strength.
  • Decorative Film: Its surface can be treated to high gloss, matte, and various patterns and textures.


Total Thickness10~120mm, of customized.
Core MaterialsPET foam core. (Density: 60~300kg/m³)
Skin MaterialsCFRT sheet(0.4~10mm).
Layers of UD Tape2~9 layers, the number of layers can be customized.
Surface FilmPET/PVC/PP film.
Surface ColorNatural/black, and other colors can be customized.
Performance TreatmentAnti-ultraviolet, flame retardant, antistatic.
Process OptionsCNC machining services.

Performance Parameters (Reference)

Skin Thicknessmm1
Core Thicknessmm13
Areal WeightKg/m²0.44
Flexural Strength (Max Load: 2770.659N, Sample Size: 300x100x15mm)MPa13.679
Compression Strength
(Max Load: 2770.659N, Sample Size: 60x60x15mm)
Note:The above values are average values obtained by the laboratory and are for reference only. Actual performance figures vary based on materials, specifications and craftsmanships.

Customized Services

  • Carry out CNC machining such as cutting, drilling and grinding according to the design drawings.
  • On request, the PET panels can be protected with plastic film.
  • Provide related accessories for panel installation.
CFRT Laminated PET Foam Core Sandwich Panels 02


  • Transportation: CFRT PET foam boards reduce the weight of cars and trucks, trailers and railways, and aircraft by 50%, effectively reducing fuel costs and carbon dioxide emissions. Its most suitable places are truck floors, side panels, body panels, roof inner panels, etc.
  • Buildings: Used for buildings and interior decoration to replace metal or wooden materials, save construction costs and extend service life.