Fiberglass FRP Sandwich Panels Manufacturer in China

Structure of FRP Sandwich Panels

FRP sandwich panel is a new type of composite material, which contains fiberglass skin and core materials of various structures (mostly foam board, honeycomb, and plywood). The multi-layer composite structure makes the fiberglass composite panels lighter, stronger and more resilient. It has replaced traditional wood and metal composite panels in many fields.


Facing MaterialFRP Sheet (Thermoset), CFRT Sheet (Thermoplastic)
Core MaterialXPS, PVC, PU, PET, EPP Foam Board; PP Honeycomb; Plywood
Surface ColorRAL Color Series

Advantages of Fiberglass Sandwich Panels

☑ Lightweight: The core materials of FRP sandwich panels are mostly low-density foam or honeycomb, so the density is generally not high.

☑ High strength: The excellent impact resistance brought by fiberglass facing is both rigid and flexible, and can resist physical stress impact.

☑ Easy to assemble: The assembly is very convenient and the cost is low. It can be assembled with screws, hollow rivets, or by gluing or heat fusion welding.

☑ Waterproof: This is the unique difference between FRP panels and wood panels. This material has good sealing performance, no water seepage, and no water leakage, even if the surface is damaged, it will not absorb water.

☑ Weather resistant: FRP materials can operate at a temperature range of -40+80°C. This makes the fiberglass sandwich panel resistant to harsh environments.

Type 0f FRP Facing Sheets

TOPOLO supplies two types of FRP sheets as sandwich panels: thermoset FRP sheets and thermoplastic CFRT sheets. These are FRP sheets with two different resin systems and fiberglass types. You can choose FRP sheet according to the purpose of the composite panel.

Thermoset FRP sheets

The skin is gel-coat. 30% to 40% of the total weight of the resin. The resin can be PA, PE, PP, epoxy, phenolic, etc. Types of fiberglass are felt and fabric.

Thermoplastic CFRT Sheets

CFRT sheets are laminated from multiple layers of continuous fiber-reinforced unidirectional tapes. Usually a layer of plastic film (PET, PP, PVC, etc.) is pasted on its surface to increase its smoothness.

Different Surface Treatments are Available

Through filming or embossing, in addition to the usual high-gloss and matte surfaces, FRP composite panels can also choose stone grain, wood grain, cloth grain, etc., which can be customized according to customer needs.

TOPOLO Supplies Fiberglass Sandwich Panels with Different Core Materials

You can choose from PU, PET, PVC, XPS, EPS, EPP, etc for foam core and PP for honeycomb. The foam core usually performs well in heat preservation and thermal insulation while the honeycomb in high strength and impact resistance. Foam cores usually have good thermal and thermal insulation properties, while honeycombs have high strength and impact resistance, and plywood not only has high strength but is also easy to cut.

XPS Foam Sandwich Panels
  • XPS (extruded polystyrene), is made of polystyrene resin as raw material plus other auxiliary materials and polymers, while heating and injecting a catalyst, and then extruded to form a rigid foam plastic board. It has a very low Hygroscopicity (almost no water absorption), low thermal conductivity, and high compression resistance.
PU Foam Sandwich Panels
  • Rigid closed-cell PU (polyurethane) foam is one of the most ideal thermal insulation materials. Its thermal insulation effect far exceeds that of XPS (extruded polystyrene), PET (Polyethylene terephthalate), PVC (Polyvinyl chloride), EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) , rock wool and other types of foam materials.
PET Foam Sandwich Panels
  • PET foam is a kind of closed-cell thermoplastic structural polyester foam with certain shear and compressive strength. It provides excellent fatigue resistance, impact resistance, and deficient water absorption. It also has good thermal and acoustic properties. It is an ideal core material for lightweight & high-strength composite sandwich structures.
PVC Foam Sandwich Panels
  • PVC foam board is a very simple closed-cell core material. It is very inexpensive, has good mechanical properties, and is compatible with all standard resin systems, including polyesters, vinyl esters, and epoxies.
EPP Foam Sandwich Panels
  • EPP foam is a closed-cell bead foam that provides a unique range of properties, including outstanding energy absorption, multiple impact resistance, thermal insulation, buoyancy, and water & chemical resistance.
PP Honeycomb Sandwich Panels
  • Polypropylene (PP) is a general-purpose plastic with stable properties, excellent chemical resistance, high purity, low water absorption and good electrical insulation. In addition, PP material is not only light in weight, but also suitable for welding.
Plywood Sandwich Panels
  • Plywood is a material made of multi-layer thin wood veneers. The two adjacent layers of veneers are vertically stacked with each other. It is combined with fiberglass sheets to make stronger composite panels.
Balsa Core Sandwich Panels
  • Basha is one of the fastest-growing trees and the lightest wood in the world. The weight of Bashamu is only about 130~180kg/m³, It is not only light but also strong.
Hollow Plastic Formwork
  • The fiberglass-facing hollow plastic formwork does not absorb water, does not deform, and is incompatible with cement, so it does not need to be brushed with a release agent and can be reused more than 100 times, which is several times that of high-quality wood formwork.

Application of FRP Sandwich Panels

  • Fiberglass sandwich panels are used as sidewall panels, floors, and roofs for motorhomes, caravans, and campers.
  • Dry freight and refrigerated trucks for transporting various snacks, meats, fruits, vegetables, cold drinks, etc.
  • Mobile homes, mobile toilets, sentry boxes, bedroom door panels, wall panels, ceilings, etc.
  • Tables and chairs, storage cabinets, partitions, etc. for home or office.

Choose TOPOLO New Materials

TOPOLO customizes fiberglass composite sandwich panels according to your project needs. We provide a series of solutions, including material selection, processing methods, dimensions, performance testing and CNC machining services. Our aim is to provide customers with the best products and reduce production costs.

TOPOLO fiberglass sandwich panels factory covers an area of tens of thousands of square meters, with a daily production area of more than 10,000 square meters. Our FRP composite panels are very popular in the international market and currently sell well in Europe, South America, North America, the Middle East, Central Asia, Southeast Asia, Africa, and other markets. For more information, please contact us for more product details and price information.