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TOPOLO – Manufacturing expert in the field of refrigerated truck bodies. We customize bodies for vans, trucks, RVs, trailers, and more. You only need to provide design drawings, we will produce the perfect body product for you, with a variety of body materials and accessories to choose from.

TOPOLO integrates design, material, and production to serve the international market. As the leader of new material truck bodies in China, TOPOLO is committed to the research of truck lightweight and durability. Continuous innovation in the field of refrigerated trucks and dry Freight trucks, providing services for industry, agriculture, manufacturing, entertainment, and more.

Quickly assembled CKD refrigerated truck box

The body of our CKD refrigerated truck is made of one-piece composite panels. These composite panels can be quickly assembled using simple tools and accessories such as screws, glue, weather strips, screw guns. This method is extremely efficient compared to traditional welding assembly methods. Dramatically reduces operational complexity and improves safety. It usually takes 2 to 3 operators half a day to assemble a box. High-efficiency output greatly reduces the cost of vehicle manufacturers.

The body material of the refrigerated truck body is mainly foam composite panel, the core material can be XPS or PU, and the outer skin and inner skin of the panel can be selected from fiberglass reinforced plastic, aluminum material, color steel, etc., which are selected according to the purpose of the customer’s vehicle.

Fiberglass Foam Core Panels
Fiberglass Foam Core Panels

The skin of the fiberglass foam sandwich panel is a laminated glass fiber-reinforced thermoplastic sheet, and the intermediate core material is a foam core material. The core material can be selected from XPS, PU, etc.

Aluminum Foam Core Panels
Aluminum Foam Core Panels

The aluminium foam Core panel usually consists of 3 layers: aluminium skin on both sides and foam core in the middle.

Steel Foam Core Panels
Steel Foam Core Panels

The skin of the color steel foam panel is generally made of pre-coated galvanized steel sheet, and its surface is coated with anti-corrosion paint. Its biggest advantage is high strength, low price but easy to rust, and the service life will be reduced in extreme weather conditions.

Refrigerated Truck Body CKD Customized Service

Rear and Side Door
Whether it is wing doors with a 270° opening angle and double espagnolette locks or roller shutters for rapid loading in tight space. We provide our customers with accessories such as door locks, hinges, etc. There are lever-type door locks and embedded door locks to choose from.
Strip Curtain
The optional strip curtain provides the rear of the body with an additional means of closure and prevents the immediate loss of cool air when the rear door is open.
Rear Bumper
Stable & Durable – Our products are high-strength and durable with long-lasting steel construction.
Air Conditioning
Integrated or independent AC (optional).
We offer aluminum and galvanized steel chassis with thicknesses up to 180mm. The bottom frame can be adjusted according to the customer’s needs.
We will install the mudguard according to the specific location provided by the customer.
Multi-Temperature Partition
Longitudinal, laterally movable insulated wall panels for multi-temperature applications. Shipping products with different requirements for temperature control.
Ventilation Slots
The use of ventilation slots not only prevents slippage but also circulates cool air inside the car to keep the temperature evenly distributed.
The kickplate protects the body wall panel from being damaged by sharp objects or heavy objects. The materials of kickplate can be aluminum, stainless steel, and FRP

TOPOLO has always insisted on quality, from the production of raw materials to body manufacturing, every produced truck body will undergo strict quality inspection to ensure that our customers will not have various potential problems during use.

Foam boards for Refrigerated Truck Body
Foam boards are cut to standard shapes for the core.
Refrigerated truck panel production
Experienced technicians produce body composite panels to ensure the reliability of body materials.
Refrigerated Truck Body Assembly
Use the movable assembly platform to make complex assembly work fast and safely.
Refrigerated truck rain test
The rain test ensures that the body will not leak in bad weather conditions.

Serve the Global Market

TOPOPO serves the global market. Currently, our CKD box refrigerated truck body has been exported to South America, North America, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Central Asia and other markets. These CKD parts are very convenient to assemble, which greatly reduces the production cost of customers.

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