Wood Grain Fiberglass Honeycomb Panels

Adhere a layer of PVC/PP wood grain film on the surface of the glass fiber honeycomb panel. The finished product is more beautiful and close to nature.


  • Skin: CFRT sheet.
  • Core: PP.
  • Film: PVC/PP Wood grain film + PET film / no film.

Wood Grain Film

The wood grain film is divided into indoor and outdoor. The PVC film (weldable) is used indoors, and the outdoor requires weather resistance, and the PP film is used.

  • Thickness: 16-18um.
  • Maximum width: 1250mm
Wood Grain Film


Wood grain fiberglass honeycomb panels greatly improve the appearance of the product. It is used in RV, construction, decoration, etc. This is evident in the teardrop trailer, which uses wood-grain fiberglass honeycomb panels for its roof and sidewall panels.

At TOPOLO there are a variety of wood grain films with different patterns for you to choose from. Or you can send customized patterns to us.

Wood patterns