• Ultra-light
  • Aesthetic
  • Easy to process

The new plywood foam sandwich panel launched by TOPOLO subverts the traditional stereotype of plywood. We creatively combine plywood with foam core material to achieve unique performance. It overcomes many shortcomings of single plywood and fully demonstrates the advantages of composite panels.

Product Features

  • Multi-layer plywood facing
    The plywood selected by TOPOLO is lightweight and strong, which effectively reduces the thickness and weight of the plywood.
  • Combination with fiberglass/aluminum sheet
    Both sides of the traditional plywood foam panel are plywood, but the strength of plywood is limited, and at the same time it is easy to be affected by moisture. We cover one side of the composite panel with a layer of fiberglass or aluminum alloy sheet, which not only increases The strength of the panel but also makes the plywood less susceptible to moisture.
  • Thermal insulation foam core material
    The foam core material with ultra-low thermal conductivity can block heat in a hot environment and maintain indoor temperature in a cold environment. The foam core material we choose has a lower density to make the panel lighter.
  • Personalized surface treatment
    The surface of the plywood is covered with a personalized laminated film pattern, which not only gives it an aesthetic effect, but also protects it from water and moisture.


Plywood MaterialPoplar, Birch, Oak, Pine, etc
Core MaterialXPS, PET, PVC, PET, EPP, MPP Foam
Additional MaterialFPR Sheet, Aluminum Sheet
Total Length ≤12m
Total Width ≤3.2m
Total Thickness 20~150mm


Compared with pure plywood, composite plywood foam core panel greatly improves the utilization rate of plywood wood. It is used in construction, trucks, RVs, ships, trains and more. TOPOLO’s composite technology makes the service life of composite plywood foam core panels much longer than that of pure plywood.