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The expansion of the application field of sandwich structure composite materials puts forward higher and higher requirements on the impact resistance of materials, and the research on impact damage and damage tolerance of sandwich structures has become a research hotspot. The aluminum foam core panel is a composite panel with a sandwich structure. Its upper and lower layers are aluminum alloy sheets, and the sandwich material is a closed-cell foam core. Aluminum foam core panels have broad application prospects due to their excellent comprehensive properties such as lightweight, high-temperature resistance, heat insulation and flame retardancy, and good impact resistance.

Aluminum Foam Core Sandwich Panel Layer Structure
Aluminum Foam CorePanel Layer Structure

TOPOLO Aluminum Foam Core Panels

Prepainted Aluminum Surface
Prepainted Aluminum Surface
Using high-quality PTFE, PVDF, and FEVE coated pre-coated aluminum sheets, the surface of the panel can maintain bright colors all year round.
The almost completely closed-cell foam core makes the board have good waterproof and moisture-proof performance.
Polyurethane Adhesive
Polyurethane Adhesive
Environmentally friendly polyurethane adhesive prevents problems such as degumming, cracking and blistering of the panel.

Basic Specifications

Panel Width1000mm, 1220mm, 1500mm or as required
Panel Length2440mm, 3200mm, 4880mm, 5800mm or as required
Skin Layer MaterialAluminum Alloy (1050, 1060, 1100, 1145, 1200, 1230, 1350, 2011, 2014, 2017, 2018, 2124, 3003, 3004, 3105, 4032, 4043, 4145, 5005, 56052, 50603, 508 7049, 8006, 8011, 8079, etc.)
Skin Layer Thickness0.1~2.0mm
Core MaterialXPS (Extruded Polystyrene) Foam, PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) Foam, PU (Polyurethane) Foam, PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) Foam.
Core Thickness5~100mm
Aluminum Surface TreatmentMechanical treatment: brushing, sandblasting, polishing, embossing, etc; Prepainting: PE, PTFE,PVDF, FEVE, PVDF; Anodizing.

What are The Advantages of Aluminum Foam Core Panels?

  • Heat Insulation

Closed-cell foams are very insulating and have a low thermal conductivity, a property that makes them suitable for building insulated walls or cold room walls to keep cold temperatures.

  • Lightweight

Foam core board is a lightweight material, most of which have a density between 40~100kgs/m3, which greatly reduces the weight of the building.

  • Sound Insulation

The tight combination of aluminum sheet and foam core effectively reduces vibration.

  • Fireproof

The melting point of aluminum reaches 660°C, and the general fire will not cause damage to the panel.

  • Various Surface Treatments

The surface of the foam core aluminum plate can be chemically and mechanically treated, such as brushing, sandblasting, polishing, embossing, can be anodized, and can be done in almost any color, such as white, red, blue, yellow, black, green, or wood, stone and other patterns.

  • Smooth Surface

Using high-quality and high-strength aluminum alloy sheets, during the processing, the air between the foam borad and the aluminum sheet is drawn out, and the glue makes them more tightly bonded.

Various Core Materials are Available

Combined With Other Reinforcing Materials

In addition to the aluminum sheet, the upper and lower layers of the composite panel can also be combined with different reinforcement materials, such as FRP, plywood, GTM, etc.

Various Aluminum Surface Treatments


Various Aluminum Surface Color

TOPOLO chooses high-quality pre-painted aluminum sheets. You can choose the RAL color series according to your own product style. We also provide you with a variety of surface patterns, such as wood grain, stone grain, etc. Of course, you can also provide your personalized pattern.


Aluminum foam core sandwich panels are mainly used as heat insulation materials in various buildings, vehicles, ships, aerospace, and furniture.

Motorhomes, campers, caravans, travel trailers, etc.
Cold storages, cold rooms.
Refrigerated trucks, dry freight trucks, mobile catering trucks, etc.
Building wall panels.

TOPOLO Aluminum Foam Core Panels

TOPOLO aluminum composite panel products have good reprocessing performance, uniform thickness, high strength, lightweight, easy handling and installation, can adapt to various installation methods such as riveting and gluing, and are easy to operate. The composite panel core materials have high density and strong compression resistance. It is not necessary to pre-embed wood strips, iron plates and other components at the edge during assembly, which reduces processing costs and assembly difficulty.

Aluminum Foam Core  Panels
Foam Core Aluminum Composite panel factory
Aluminum Foam Core  Panels