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Plywood is a material made of multi-layer thin wood veneers. The two adjacent layers of veneers are vertically stacked with each other. It is combined with fiberglass sheets to make some stronger composite panels. The fiberglass reinforced plastic is used as the upper and lower layers, and the middle layer of plywood is used as the core.

Fiberglass Plywood Panel Layer Structure
Gelcoat Fiberglass Plywood Sandwich Panels


  • Size: 1220x2440mm or customized.
  • Plywood thickness: 10mm~20mm or customized.
  • FRP thickness: 0.7mm~5mm or customized.
  • Core material: Beech, camphor, willow, poplar, eucalyptus, etc.
  • Plywood layers: 3~11 layers.

Features of FRP plywood sandwich panel:

FRP plywood sandwich panel has the advantages of FRP and plywood: FRP is corrosion-resistant, impact-resistant, and has good weather resistance and plywood is used as a sandwich material to make the panels very strong. The sandwich panel can be cut like ordinary plywood, and the processing is simple.

Features of FRP plywood sandwich panel

Application of FRP plywood sandwich panel

TOPOLO FRP plywood sandwich panels are mainly used in RVs, caravans, campers, dry trucks, and refrigerated vehicles. Most of them are used in wall panels, door panels, roof panels, floor panels, and other parts.

Choose TOPOLO Fiberglass Plywood

At TOPOLO, the special feature of fiberglass plywood is that you can choose products with different surface patterns, and also add a layer of PET protective film.

TOPOLO FRP skin plywood sandwich panels
Plywood sandwich panels

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