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Honeycomb structure combined with fiberglass skins results in strong, tough, and lightweight fiberglass honeycomb panels. As a representative product of the lightweight industry, its application has replaced traditional wood and metal materials in many fields. It minimizes handling operations and greatly reduces production costs.

The Structure of Fiberglass Honeycomb Panels

The sandwich structure is a creative integration of skin materials and honeycomb core, making the thermoplastic composite panels much lighter and stronger. Composite honeycomb sandwich panels are composed of honeycomb cores and thermoplastic FRP laminate sheets (also referred to as “skins” or “sheets”). These thermoplastic sheets are laminated together at different angles, making the skin stronger. This is a wonderful structure offering strength-to-weight ratios much higher than traditional materials.

The Structure of Fiberglass Honeycomb Panels
PP/PC Honeycomb Core

Honeycomb Core Types

The strength of the honeycomb panel is related to the shape of the raw material and the core material. The honeycomb shape can be hexagonal, rhombic, rectangular, etc. The honeycomb core not only saves material and is easy to process, but also enhances the strength of the sheet.


TypeFiberglass Honeycomb Panels
Density80kg/m3, 120kg/m3, 160kg/m3, 200kg/m3
Core MaterialPP/PC
Cell Diameter6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm
Other propertiesUV resistance, water resistance
Custom-madeGlue, non-woven Fabric

Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel Processing

The common method for sandwich panel molding is lamination, in which prepreg tape is cut and placed between two polished metal molds to form a composite product under heating and pressure. It is an early-developed and matured process of composite materials. It is mainly used to produce composite panels of various specifications, with the characteristics of mechanization, automation, and stable quality.

Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel Processing

Honeycomb Structure Forming Method

☑ Dry molding
Through dry molding, the bonding strength between the honeycomb core and the panel can be increased to more than 3MPa. The honeycomb surface is smooth and flat. Every process in the production is easy to check so that the quality is easy to control.
☑ Wet molding
The production cycle of wet molding is short. It is most suitable for special-shaped products such as spherical surfaces and shells.

Choose Fiberglass Honeycomb Panels at TOPOLO

TOPOLO design and manufactures honeycomb sandwich panels and thermoplastic composite panels with two kinds of different skins: CFRT (continuous fiber-reinforced thermoplastic) skin and FRP skin sandwich panels.

Smooth surface FRP Honeycomb Panel
Smooth Surface Honeycomb Panel
FRP Stone Pattern Honeycomb Panel
Stone Pattern Honeycomb Panel
FRP Anti-Skid Honycomb Panel
Anti-Skid Honeycomb Panels
FRP Wood Grain Honeycomb Panel
Wood Grain Honeycomb Panels


Due to the excellent properties of the composites honeycomb sandwich panel (thermoplastic sandwich panel), it has been used widely in:

Dry van body, recreational vehicle floor.
Fiberglass honeycomb panels are especially suitable for small teardrop RVs. It minimizes body weight.
Sporting goods
Pickle rackets, skateboards, hulls, ping pong tables, etc.

Our fiberglass honeycomb panels have the following advantages:

  • Low density: Since PP/PC honeycomb is a porous material, the entire panels are lightweight.
  • Good sound insulation and heat insulation performance: good sealing performance greatly limits the spread of heat and sound waves.
  • Shock absorption: Dense honeycombs and high-strength FRP skin disperse pressure.
  • Good flatness and rigidity: Using continuous glass fiber thermoplastic sheet as skin.

As a professional composite sandwich panel supplier, TOPOLO can supply:

  • Panel skins of CFRT or FRP sheets are available from 2 to 9 layers.
  • A wide range of up to 3.2m.
  • The customized thickness of the honeycomb core is from 8mm to 50mm.
Fiberglass Honeycomb Panels made in China
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