Fiberglass Honeycomb Panels Manufacturer in China

Fiberglass honeycomb panels are representative products of lightweight materials. It combines lightness and strength. It has replaced traditional wood and metal materials in many fields. It can replace colored steel plates, aluminum plates, stainless steel plates, etc., and overcomes the disadvantages of easy rust, corrosion, heat conduction, easy deformation, difficulty to clean, easy to wear, and so on. After special surface treatment, the honeycomb panel has high self-cleaning, anti-ultraviolet, anti-static, and other properties. It minimizes handling operations and greatly reduces production costs.

The Structure of Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel

The fiberglass honeycomb panel is a typical sandwich structure, the upper and lower skins are reinforced sheets mixed with glass fiber and resin, and the core material is honeycomb-shaped plastic (usually polypropylene material). The core and fiberglass skin are usually bonded together using adhesives (thermoset FRP) or thermal bonding (thermoplastic FRP).


TypeFiberglass Skin Honeycomb Core Sandwich Panels
Core MaterialPolypropylene Honeycomb
Skin MaterialThermoset FRP Sheet, Thermoplastic CFRT Sheet
Cell Diameter6/8/10/12mm

Core – Polypropylene Honeycomb

Polypropylene (PP) is a thermoplastic synthetic resin with excellent performance. The PP honeycomb core has the characteristics of lightweight, high strength, environmental protection, and corrosion resistance. Compared with traditional honeycomb products, PP honeycomb has obvious advantages, the cost is lower than the aluminum honeycomb, and the service life is longer than the paper honeycomb.

Core – Polypropylene Honeycomb

Facing Sheets – FRP Sheet & CFRT Sheets

TOPOLO offers fiberglass honeycomb panels in two types of facing sheets: thermoset FRP sheet and thermoplastic CFRT sheet. Their fiber structure and resin system are different, and the method of bonding with the honeycomb core is also different. Usually thermoset FRP sheets are laminated with core materials using adhesives. Instead, a thermal bonding process is used to combine the thermoplastic CFRT sheet with the honeycomb core.

Various Surface Treatments

TOPOLO manufactures different styles of fiberglass honeycomb sandwich panels. The surface of the honeycomb panel can be treated in various ways, such as FRP skin can be added with gel-coat and treated to a high-gloss surface, or a matte surface, and can also be embossed on it. CFRT skin can be added with a layer of high-gloss or matt laminated film, and can also be embossed on the surface to create a non-slip effect. At the same time, it can also bond other coverings such as vinyl leather, textiles, etc. on the surface of the fiberglass honeycomb panel.

Smooth Surface Fiberglass Honeycomb Panels
Smooth Surface Honeycomb Panels
FRP Stone Pattern Fiberglass Honeycomb Panels
Stone Pattern Honeycomb Panels
Anti-Skid Fiberglass Honeycomb Panels
Anti-Skid Honeycomb Panels
FRP Wood Grain Fiberglass Honeycomb Panels
Wood Grain Honeycomb Panels

Application of Fiberglass Honeycomb Panels

Due to the excellent properties of fiberglass honeycomb sandwich panels have been widely used in automobiles, ships, construction, sports, entertainment, and other industries. It has greatly changed the material properties of these industries and greatly reduced the development costs of the industry.

Fiberglass Honeycomb Panels for Trucks
  • A box truck for transporting dry freights using honeycomb panels as a body material can greatly reduce transportation costs.
Fiberglass Honeycomb Panels for Campers
  • Fiberglass honeycomb panels are especially suitable for all kinds of camper vehicles that require lightweight and strong.
Sporting Goods
  • Applying honeycomb panels to sports products, lightweight and strong sports products greatly improves the comfort of participants.
Fiberglass Honeycomb Panels for Buildings
  • Fiberglass honeycomb panels can be used as exterior walls, interior walls, partitions, ceilings, and floor materials of buildings.
  • Honeycomb panels can be applied to tables, chairs, cabinets, beds, etc. in places such as homes, offices, and camping sites.
Boats and Ships
  • The application of honeycomb composite materials to the buildings above the ship deck not only simplifies the installation process but also reduces the overall weight of the hull.

Choose Fiberglass Honeycomb Panels at TOPOLO

TOPOLO has an internationally advanced fully automated fiberglass honeycomb panel production line, with a factory area of tens of thousands of square meters, and can produce sandwich panels up to 12m in width and 3.2m in width. Our production efficiency is among the best in China, and we can meet a large number of product needs of customers in a short period of time.

CNC Machining Processing Services

TOPOLO provides a series of CNC machining services for fiberglass honeycomb panels, such as cutting, milling, drilling, etc. This ensures the processing accuracy of the product, saves a lot of reprocessing time for customers and greatly reduces production costs.

Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel CNC Machining Processing
Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel CNC Machining Processing

Supply Transportation Solutions

Most of the honeycomb panels have a relatively large area, and the bulk of the panels will often fill up the container after loading, which causes trouble for customers to unload products. TOPOLO formulates packaging and loading solutions based on the customer’s existing unloading tools.