Mobile living trailers are one of the best alternatives to permanent or semi-permanent buildings on the ground. It provides safe shelter for people who work outdoors in remote areas; provides temporary shelter for those affected by natural disasters; and enables many people who cannot afford a ground-level home to become homeowners.

Mobile Living Trailers in TOPOLO-RV

The mobile living trailer is a movable and reusable construction product, which adopts modular design and standardized production, with the box as the basic unit.

  • The box panel material abandons the traditional pre-painted steel injection foam sandwich panel and adopts a new one-piece laminated fiberglass skinned foam core sandwich panel.
  • The box unit structure is made of aluminum extruded profiles and steel screws, which is simple in structure and easy to install.
  • The cabinet is installed on a galvanized steel chassis and connected by screws for a tighter connection.

Parts of the Mobile Living Trailer

Front and rear wall panels
Roof panels
Right and left wall panels

CAE analysis

Wind Pressure
Snow Pressure


Our mobile living trailers are durable and suitable for complex terrains such as deserts, snowfields, plateaus, and swamps. The box body has a good thermal insulation effect, waterproof, moisture-proof and long service life. Application sites include oil and gas exploration, coal fields, address exploration, construction sites, temporary shelters, etc.