Mobile Cold Room

The mobile cold room is a portable box trailer, which is light and flexible, suitable for transporting various food such as meat, seafood, milk, vegetables, grains, fruits, ice cream, etc. in short distances.

Material Selection

Usually coolroom trailers are made of PU or XPS foam glass fiber sandwich panels, these two materials have good thermal insulation effect and are very lightweight.

Panel MaterialFiberglass XPS/PU Foam Core Sandwich Panel
Outside Dimension2400mm*1800mm*2200mm, or customized
Panel Thickness75/100/150/200mm, or customized

Standard Accessories

  • Door: Rear door opening.
  • Compressor:110v 60HZ.
  • Chassis and Frame: High-strength Hot dip galvanized square tubes chassis and Integral steel frame construction,suspension components treated with rust-resistant protective coating galvanized coupling.
  • Drawbar: Tractor drawbar with safety ball-headed coupling.
  • Flooring: Aluminum checkered plate.
TOPOLO also provides other accessories such as fenders, tail lights, door locks, tires, bumpers, etc. For special customization, please communicate with us for details.

More Style

TOPOLO not only provides mobile cold room trailer CKD manufacturing and processing services, but also provides design services for your project. These CKD parts are manufactured in China and shipped to your country, and you can easily assemble these parts.