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Truck Body Sandwich Panels

Lightweight Trucks are Necessary

The lightweight of trucks is a systematic project, not limited to a single advanced design, and can be adjusted in terms of vehicle structure, cab, power chain, suspension and materials. The lightweight technology of the truck not only allows the body to further reduce its own weight on the basis of the original strength, but also helps users to pull more goods and increase the load capacity. It can also reduce energy consumption, reduce exhaust emissions, improve operational efficiency, and save vehicle costs. So choosing the right body material is a key step in truck lightweighting.

TOPOLO customizes various composite panels for refrigerated trucks, dry freight trucks.

TOPOLO adopts international advanced manufacturing technology to customize personalized composite panels for your truck project, whether it is used for refrigerated trucks, dry goods trucks, or RVs, or constructions. The core material, covering material, thickness, width and color of these panels are all available.

What Composite Panels Do We Offer?

TOPOLO’s composite panels are diverse, including XPS/PET/PVC/PU foam cores and PP honeycomb cores, as well as wood cores such as balsa wood and plywood. In addition to using traditional metal materials such as color steel, aluminum, and stainless steel for covering materials, we have new composite materials FRP and self-developed CFRT materials. Of course, we can provide you with special materials for your project needs. Usually, the following materials can meet the needs of most truck body panels.

XPS Foam Sandwich Panel

  • Skin: FRP Sheet, Aluminum Sheet
  • Core: XPS Foam

PU Foam Sandwich Panel

  • Skin: FRP Sheet, Aluminum Sheet
  • Core: PU Foam

PET Foam Sandwich Panel

  • Skin: FRP Sheet, Aluminum Sheet
  • Core: PET Foam

PVC Foam Sandwich Panel

  • Skin: FRP Sheet, Aluminum Sheet
  • Core: PVC Foam

PP Honeycomb Panel

  • Skin: FRP Sheet
  • Core: PP Honeycomb

TOPOLO Customized Service and Processing

Various Performance Tests
  • Test items include: compression test, tensile test, peel test, constant temperature and humidity test, etc.
Accessories Processing
  • Provide door locks, hinges, bumpers, lights, weather strips, aluminum profiles, meat hooks, floors, subframes, etc.
CNC Machining
  • CNC machining services include cutting, drilling, grinding. Our CNC is high-speed and precise and can process large-size truck composite panels.
Truck Body Composite Panel CKD Packaging
CKD Packaging
  • CKD packaging saves a lot of transportation costs, and the composite panels can be assembled simply and quickly after arriving at the destination.

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