TOPOLO CKD Truck Service

Why CKD for Truck?

Completely Knocked Down means that a product is delivered in parts and assembled at the destination. Usually, it can be cheaper to export a truck or trailer broken down into its parts to another country. The machines needed for the reassembling can be sent as well. This way the trader can avoid high tariffs. Additionally, some countries have laws that a certain part of vehicles must be a national product. In these cases the CKD shipment and assembly in the importing country also makes sense. Apart from CKD there is also Semi Knocked Down (SKD), Medium Knocked Down (MKD), and Partly Knocked Down (PKD).

TOPOLO CKD Truck Service

TOPOLO provide comprehensive CKD truck services. We provide CKD services for RVs, refrigerated trucks, dry vans, mobile homes, trailers of all kinds, and more. Our customers don’t need to build their own body, just install the parts we provide.

Packaging and Shipping

In addition to complying with strict packaging procedures, ensuring that the outer packaging is waterproof, anti-collision, shockproof, and fireproof. We provide professional packaging and loading design solutions. Our design team will customize the loading configuration suitable for container transportation and convenient for customers to unload goods based on the shape and size of the CKD part of the truck, ensuring that the products reach their destination safely.