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RV composite panels require lightweight, strong and durable materials. Fiberglass composite panel is a typical RV material, it is more expensive than traditional building materials, but it is used in places where traditional building materials cannot provide the required performance. It can be used to make lightweight components that can be used in camper vans, travel trailers, motorhomes, etc. Typical applications include doors, sidewalls, and roofs, which are not strong and durable but also provide thermal insulation.

Fiberglass Composite Panels are Ideal for RVs

Fiberglass RV composite panels can choose different skin materials and core materials, and the combination between them is rich and varied.

  • Honeycomb core panels provide superior strength properties for units that need to be designed to be lightweight and high strength.
  • Foam core panels provide excellent thermal insulation while offering a lightweight, strong, versatile and reliable modular design.
  • Plywood core panels with good shear performance, especially suitable for the design of RV interior furniture.
RV body built with fiberglass composite panels
RV body built with fiberglass composite panels

Choose TOPOLO Composite Panels for RVs

TOPOLO provides XPS/PET/PVC/EPP/PU/PP/PC/plywood core fiberglass sandwich panels for RVs. In addition to using traditional FRP sheets on the skin material, CFRT (continuous glass fiber reinforced thermoplastic) sheets have also been developed. Compared with traditional metal composite panels, these FRP composite panels have the following advantages.

  • Lightweight, strong, and durable.
  • Quick and easy to assemble.
  • Easily to maintain.
  • Wide variety of material options.

Types of RV Composite Panels Offered by Topolo

At TOPOLO, you can choose fiberglass sandwich panel materials of different materials according to your needs. TOPOLO provides the following core RV composite panels:

XPS RV Composite Panels

XPS Foam Panels

XPS is the most popular material we can see in many RV wall panels at the moment, and XPS is increasingly replacing the insulating material. Since XPS material has a closed cell structure, it means it has a smooth, uniform surface. XPS foam panels are relatively compressive and strong, so fewer reinforcements are required.

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PET RV Composite Panels

PET Foam Panels

PET (Polyethylene terephthalate), is commonly known as polyester resin. PET foam is a kind of closed-cell thermoplastic structural foam with certain shear and compressive strength.

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PU RV Composite Panels

PU Foam Panels

PU (polyurethane) is a material that is also mostly used in the manufacture of RV wall panels today. The highly compressed PU is very stable and resistant to corrosion.

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PVC RV Composite Panels

PVC Foam Panels

PVC foam panels, relatively low cost, and easy to process, are also good RV wall panel materials.

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EPP RV Composite Panels

EPP Foam panels

EPP (polypropylene) is a polymer composite material with high crystallinity, which has good thermal stability, good shock resistance, impact strength, and good toughness.

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PP RV Composite Panels

PP Honeycomb Panels

PP honeycomb panels have the advantages of a lightweight, firmness, moisture resistance, water resistance, and sound insulation, They are mainly used in environments with high strength requirements, such as RV floors, pedals, interior decoration, etc.

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Wood Grain Honeycomb Panels

Wood Grain Honeycomb Panels

Adhere a layer of PVC/PP wood grain film on the surface of the glass fiber honeycomb panel. The finished product is more beautiful and close to nature.

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Plywood Sandwich Panels

Plywood Sandwich Panels

Plywood is a material made of multi-layer thin wood veneers. The two adjacent layers of veneers are vertically stacked with each other. It is combined with fiberglass sheets to make some stronger composite panels. The fiberglass reinforced plastic is used as the upper and lower layers, and the middle layer of plywood is used as the core.

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Modular Custom RV Body Panels

As a professional RV composite panel expert, TOPOLO not only provides you with high-quality materials, but also provides various solutions for your plan.

Modular RV Composite Panels

Professional Design

Our company has a professional technical department, which can analyze and design according to customer’s requirements, reduce excess and waste design.We will provide a complete set of solutions and provide modular RV assemblies. Allows customers to reduce labor and assembly time, thereby reducing costs.

One-piece RV FRP composite panel

One-piece molding process

Using a one-piece molding process, the outer surface and the core material are integrally formed in the mold, which will produce a high-level and beautiful outer surface appearance. Standard modular customization can be customized according to customer requirements, which is convenient for later use.

Innovative Solutions

For the special needs of customers, such as RV roofs, we design professional curved panels, and design special aluminum profiles to solve panel connection problems.

Embedded Structural

The embedded structure not only increases the strength of the panel, but also facilitates the installation of various accessories.


  • How to ensure the strength of the RV?

In the early stage of design, basic calculation and design shall be carried out, and reasonable pre-embedded and skeleton shall be used.

  • How to reduce the transportation cost?

According to the specifications of the panel, we will make a 3D container loading plan for the customer to make the most efficient use of the container space and reduce the transportation cost.

  • How to prevent the panel from being damaged during transportation?

We will customize a reasonable packaging scheme and packaging frame according to the customer’s products. Protect the product from damage during transportation.

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