PIR Sandwich Panels Manufacturer in china

PIR (Polyisocyanurate Foam) is a foaming material made by reacting an isocyanate with polyether after catalyst action, and its physical and fire resistance are better than ordinary polyurethane. It is an ideal organic low-temperature insulation material with small thermal conductivity, lightweight, and shock resistance. PIR sandwich panels are widely used in thermal insulation in the construction industry.

Related Properties of PIR Foam

  • Density: 40±2kg/m³
  • Compression strength (thickness direction): ≥140Kpa
  • Bonding strength: ≥100Kpa
  • Size stability: ≤1.5%
  • Cell closure rate: ≥90%
  • Water absorption rate: ≤3%
  • K-value: ≤0.022W/(m·K)

Basic Specifications of PIR Sandwich Panels

Core Thickness40mm/60mm/100mm/120mm
Core MaterialsPIR foam (Polyisocyanurate Foam)
Core Density38~42kg/m3
Skin MaterialsPrepainted steel, Aluminum, Stainless steel, etc.
Skin Thickness0.1~2mm
Panel LengthAccording to the customers’ request
Panel WidthAccording to the customers’ request

Application of PIR Sandwich Panels

As an excellent thermal insulation building material, PIR Sandwich Panels are applied to walls and roofs of various types of buildings.

PIR Sandwich Roof Panels
PIR Sandwich Roof Panels
PIR Sandwich Wall Panel
PIR Sandwich Wall Panel
PIR Sandwich Cold Room Panel
PIR Sandwich Cold Room Panel


PUR and PIR are two kinds of foam systems. Polyols are divided into polyester polyols and polyether polyols. PUR is formed by the reaction of polyether polyols and isocyanate, and PIR is formed by the reaction of polyester polyols and isoesters. Among them, the isocyanate index of the PUR board is usually between 110-120, and the isocyanate index of PIR reaches 200-300.

PIR Performance is Better Than PUR

  • The fire performance of PIR is better than that of PUR.
  • PIR high and low-temperature stability is better than PUR.
  • The mechanical strength of PIR is better than that of PUR.

Disadvantages of PIR relative to PUR

  • PIR is brittle and less fluid than PUR.
  • PIR has poor adhesion, and the adhesion to reinforcing materials is only 1/2 of that of PUR.
  • PIR production temperature is higher (higher than 60 ℃).

PIR Wall Panels Technology

PIR panel rabbet0818

Rabbet: TOPOLO patented rabbet joint is waterproof and convenient for the sealing and gluing of PIR panels. It can save energy and extend the lifespan of reefers, fridges, and other end products.

PIR panel jointing0818

Jointing: The joints of TOPOLO PIR panels are free from sealing agents like brown paper and non-woven fabric. The PIR foam from two panels contacts directly, which ensures the best insulation performance.

TOPOLO PIR Sandwich Panels

TOPOLO is committed to providing customers with high-quality, safe, and environmentally friendly building material solutions. TOPOLO fully automated PIR sandwich panel production line uses spray foam forming processing technology, and PIR closed-cell foam can fit perfectly with corrugated surface materials.