luton Van Panels
luton Van Panels

The Luton van is a commercial dry freight truck designed for transporting construction materials, large furniture, industrial equipment and other bulky items. Typically, its body is square in shape and assembled from several panels, resulting in a huge cargo space. In order to maximize interior space, reduce body weight, and improve transportation efficiency, choosing appropriate body panels is the most critical. More and more Luton coachbuilders are turning to new composite panels.

TOPOLO, as a truck box panel manufacturer, has developed a series of new composite panels and put them on the market. Here we recommend lightweight Luton van panels represented by plywood sandwich panels, PET sandwich panels, and polypropylene honeycomb panels. We have advantages in terms of product performance and price. We adapt to each user's customized requirements and further provide truck CKD or SKD services.

Material Specifications

Facing MaterialsFRP(glass fiber reinforced) Sheets.
CFRT(Continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic) Sheets.
Aluminum Sheets.
Aluminum Composite Panels.
Core MaterialsPlywood.
PP(Polypropylene) Honeycomb.
PET(Polyethylene Terephthalate) Foam.
Maximum Length12m.
Maximum Width3.2m.

Plywood Sandwich Panels

Plywood is a structure made of multiple layers of thin wood slices arranged in a cross arrangement and bonded with glue. It is an environmentally friendly material with a wide range of sources. It has high strength, stable performance, and low cost. FRP faing plywood sandwich panels are durable, easy to cut, and moisture-proof.

Polypropylene Honeycomb Panels

Polypropylene honeycomb panel is a thermoplastic material. The honeycomb structure helps reduce density while maintaining sufficient strength and toughness. It can be combined with various plastics, steel, aluminum and other materials to form Luton van panels with different properties. Among them, CFRT facing polypropylene honeycomb panels (thermoplastic honeycomb panel) are the representative lightweight material. It is high strength, lightweight, durable, waterproof, corrosion-resistant and deformation-resistant.

PET Foam Core Sandwich Panels

PET foam is a renewable and environmentally friendly material that is hard, lightweight, waterproof, moisture-proof, corrosion-resistant and not easily deformed. Compared with plywood, it is more suitable for long-term work in humid and rainy outdoor environments. PET foam can be combined with plastic, aluminum, and steel to form Luton van panels. Among them, CFRT facing PET foam sandwich panels are the most prominent. They are lighter, more durable, and stronger than composite panels faced with other materials.

Customized Services

CNC Machining

High-precision CNC machine tools are used to process the shape of the van panel according to the user’s design drawings.

luton Van Panels


TOPOLO provides a series of accessories suitable for installing panels, such as door lock systems, edge profiles, floors, corner caps, E-Tracks, door frames, rear doors, side doors, tailgate lifts, etc.