Continuous Fiberglass Reinforced Thermoplastic Sheets

What is CFRT Sheet?

CFRT Sheet is a new type of FRP sheet, which is laminated by multiple layers of continuous fiber reinforced tapes. CFRT sheets are characterized by a flexible design with a choice of fiber type, fiber content and fiber orientation to meet special requirements. The light weight and high strength of CFRT material, low thickness, plus beautiful appearance, is a breakthrough in the boundaries of traditional metal and plastic materials. Products made of CFRT materials can be recycled at the end of their useful life, and it is a model for sustainable materials.

CFRT Sheet Raw Materials

  • Resins: PP/PET/PA/PC/PPS/PE.
  • Fibers: Glass fiber, Carbon fiber, Kevlar fiber, Basalt fiber.
  • Additives: Antioxidant, UV stabilizer, Flame retardant agent, Custom color.
Continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic (UD tapes)

Beyond Ordinary FRP Materials

Generally, thermoplastic composite materials use woven cloth, glass fiber mat, GMT and other discontinuous fibers to enhance the effect. CFRT materials ensure the continuity of fibers during production, and still maintain their continuity in molded products. This results in a product with properties that surpass traditional materials, with a lighter specific gravity and higher strength at the same time.

Design Flexibility

CFRT can be used as a basic material. After analyzing the complex products through the application program, CFRT can be flexibly changed by different laying designs to change the local or overall structure, so that the material can exert the highest performance value.

Forming Process

The thickness of a single sheet formed by efficient continuous roll pressing is less than 3mm. The thickness of the multi-layer hot-pressed sheet is more than 3mm.

CFRT Lamination Structure

Typical Examples:

  • 1 cross-ply (single layer): 0° or 90° laminated, single dimension;
  • 2 cross-ply (double layers): 0° and 90° laminated, equal strength on each dimension;
  • 3 cross-ply: 0°+0°+90° or 0°+90°+90°, partial strength on either 0° or 90°;
  • 4~9 cross-ply: 90/0/90/0/90 or 0/90/0/90/0, or other customized lamination (higher flexural strength and modulus).
Schematic diagram of CFRT sheet structure
CFRT sheets can be laminated at one or different angles. (0°, 45°, 90°, etc.)

CFRT Composites

Continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic sheet
Multilayer sheet laminates
The interwoven lamination of different angles makes it stronger.
Foam reinforced panel
The foam panel not only has light weight and high strength, but also has better processability.
Honeycomb reinforced panel
The honeycomb panel not only has lighter and stronger bearing capacity, but also has better impact resistance.

Applications of CFRT Sheets

CFRT Sheets in Transportation

  • Rail & Subway: Floor, lining, and roof;
  • Automotive & Ship: Automotive interior & exterior; ship decorative panels, truck cargoes, trailer containers.

CFRT Sheets in Sports Tools

  • Sports Tools: Snowboards, sleds, surfboards, diving boards, oars;

CFRT Sheets in Pipe, Aerospace

  • Pipes: Used in the pipe structural ply, to make pipes even stronger and more durable by the winding process of extra reinforcement.
  • Aerospace: Products and components where light weight and strength are both highly required, such as Unit Load Devices (ULD)

CFRT Sheets in Construction

  • Movable Units: stalls, stands in movable areas, temporary sheds, mobile shops, promotional tables, shelves, newsstands, playhouse, temporary shelters, portable and removable shower rooms, etc.
  • Furniture/ office: partitions panels, doors, floors, countertops, cabinets, (movable) furniture, etc.


With its newly developed continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic technology, TOPOLO has attracted interest from several market segments including the electrical industry, automotive, medical, sports shoes and consumer goods. We also produce T-UD series uni-directional reinforced tapes and T-PC series thermoplastic composite sheets at our production site in Shanghai. We believe the new material can truly bring value to next-generation products across industries by delivering a combination of lightweight construction, specific strengths, and finishes at a scale unreachable for today’s existing materials.

Continuous Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic Production 01
Continuous Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic Production 02
CFRT sheet roll

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