FRP Cold Room Panels for Freezer Truck

FRP cold room panels use lightweight foam material with good thermal insulation performance as the inner core, and the outer side is reinforced with glass fiber thermoplastic sheets, which can reduce the heat transfer caused by the temperature difference between the inside and outside, so as to achieve the maximum efficiency of the refrigeration system. Reefer trailers using TOPOLO foam core panels are capable of transporting frozen food, frozen pork, vegetables and fruits, fresh milk, vaccines, etc. They can save costs and greatly improve transport efficiency.

Reefer Trailer Panel Features

  • Trailer body: FRP (glass fiber reinforced, a non-conductive material with lightweight and high strength, and also corrosion resistance)
  • FRP skin: light and hard high strength, non-conductive, high mechanical strength, corrosion resistance
  • Foam core: The panel core is attached with foamed polyurethane heat insulation material. You can also choose XPS, PVC, and other foam cores for various functions.

TOPOLO custom FRP cold storage panels for various models of trucks

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