RV Fiberglass Siding Panels Supplier

TOPOLO RV siding is made of high-quality fiberglass panels. At present, FRP has become the mainstream material for RV siding. It is superior to traditional metal and wood materials in many ways. TOPOLO supplies two types of fiberglass RV siding: thermoset (Gelcoat FRP Sheet)and thermoplastic (CFRT Sheet).

RV Fiberglass Siding Sheets
FRP surfaces are available in a variety of colors and patterns
RV Fiberglass Siding
The floor, wall panels, roof, and interior decoration of the RV are all involved in fiberglass materials.

Gelcoat FRP Sheets

First let’s introduce FRP sheet, a thermoset material that is the most common fiberglass RV siding material. Its fiberglass type is mainly felt and fabric, and its surface is covered with a layer of gel coat. The high-quality gelcoat improves the UV resistance and color durability of the material, and at the same time increases the gloss of the panel surface.

CFRT Sheets

In order to improve the performance of the FRP sheet, in view of the shortcomings of ordinary fiberglass sheets, TOPOLO developed the CFRT sheet, which reduces the occurrence of these problems. If you need stronger RV siding, CFRT is a good choice. What is CFRT? It is short for continuous glass fiber-reinforced thermoplastic. The general FRP material is short fiber, but CFRT is a multi-layer continuous glass The fiber sheets are laminated together. The use of continuous glass fibers ensures the integrity of the material, and the sheets are interwoven at different angles (0°,45°, 90°) to increase the overall strength.

Fiberglass Composite Panel for RV

Combining FRP or CFRT with core material (foam, honeycomb, plywood) to form a composite sandwich panel is not only light and strong but also has good thermal insulation and impact resistance. This composite material is used in many types of RVs.

FRP can be compounded with different core materials