Pop Up Off-road Camper

A pop-up camper (also known as a folding camper trailer or tent trailer) is a towable recreational vehicle that folds down for easy storage and transport. This type of trailer offers a lot of interior space when set up compared to its size when folded. Its relatively affordable price makes it a popular choice for some RV owners, and its small size helps it be easier to tow than many other types of RVs. Pop-up campers are typically lighter than other types of towable RVs, so they can easily be pulled by a small SUV, pickup, or even a car with a hitch installed.

The Pros of a Pop-Up Camper

  • Inexpensive and low maintenance, it’s an affordable alternative to camping tents.
  • Its light weight can be towed by almost any motor vehicle, ordinary private cars can be towed, easy to maneuver, and suitable for almost every camping site.
  • Surprising amount of storage space. Despite its small size, pop-up campers offer plenty of storage space for all your camping essentials.
  • It is easy to store and can be placed in the corner of your home.

Specifications of The Standard Pop-up Camper

  • Overall Size: 6400(L)*2450(W)*2280(H)/mm.
  • Tent Open: 2880mm.
  • Inner Body Size: 4000(L)*2160(W)*1630(H)/mm.
  • Berth: 3~4 sleeps.
  • Tare Mass: 2000KG.
  • ATM: 2500KG.
  • Chassis: One-piece welded and fully hot dipped galvanized chassis with tar paint.
  • Drawbar: 3MM thick Q345 steel square tube A-frame, certified coupler(Hitch).
  • Body:Two-layer aluminium composite panels.
  • Pop Top:1-pcs aluminium plate,flap in PVC waterproof tent.
  • Brakes:Electric brakes and hand brakes.
  • Suspension:Heavy duty 2* independent suspension.
  • Wheels &Tyres:3*Off-road 265/75R16tyres.
  • Floor:Optional color vinyl flooring.
  • Water pump:1*electric water pump,3*water level,2*water filler.

Customize Your Pop Up Camper

We are a company dedicated to the R&D, design and production of various types of RVs such as caravans, off-road RVs, camping trailers, and teardrops. We also provide CKD camper service for RV manufacturers. Our products comply with international manufacturing standards such as European Standard and American Standard.

Certifications We Can Offer

  • ISO: Strictly audited by authoritative organizations,International standardized quality management.
  • CE: Basic Certificate for entering European Community Market , which ensures the product meets the main requirements of the relevant European directives.
  • VIN: Vehicle Identification Number. Unique and Irreplaceable, For the purpose of vehicle registration.
  • EEC: European Whole Vehicle Type Approval All parts are CE approved, essential and mandatory for registration Comes with COC.