PET foam core materials applied to high-speed rail

For subways and trains, frequent starts and stops consume a lot of energy, but the use of PET foam cores can reduce the overall weight and effectively reduce energy consumption. The floor, ceiling and side walls of rail vehicles are made of PET foam core composite material, which can effectively improve the overall body weight, reduce airflow resistance, and achieve shock absorption and noise reduction.In the selection of high-speed rail materials, PET foam core material has the incomparable advantages of other materials at present.

PET foam core material, with lightweight and high strength, stable performance, anti-fatigue, sound insulation and other properties. The PET foam sandwich panels made by compositing with aluminum, fiberglass, carbon fiber and other materials are widely used in the sandwich panel of the floor, roof, side panel, rear of the car and other parts.While ensuring the improvement of vehicle safety performance, it means higher speed. At the same time, it reduces noise and sound insulation, reduces operating costs, and saves energy and environmental protection.