In TOPOLO, you can see many kinds of honeycomb sandwich panels, PP panels, PE panels, XPS foam panels and so on. Maybe you are curious about how they are connected with each other or different structural components.

First, the honeycomb panels are often connected with each other through hot-melt welding. In the British and some European countries, hot-melt is a common method of plastic welding.

hot melt welded panel

Second, as to the connection with other components, such as frames, it usually needs screws. When our composite honeycomb panels are used in cold van bodies or dry cargo boxes, they usually have to be fixed on structural frames by screws.

screw joint-2-2

Now you have seen the connection method between honeycomb panels and their frames. Our sandwich panels are strong and lightweight. TOPOLO is serious about the quality not only INSIDE (the panel material), but also OUTSIDE the panel (the compatibility with other parts).