CNC Machining for Trucks and Trailers

Advantages of CNC Machining

  • Speed

One of the most significant advantages of CNC machining truck bodies is speed. Since the machining is carried out automatically by a computer, no human limitations such as fatigue need to be factored into the process.

  • Accuracy & precision

Another reason why truck and trailer manufacturers prefer CNC machining is accuracy. The digital and autonomous nature of the process leaves the little possibility of error, while the finest machining settings provide tolerances of ±0.001’’. Understandably, the vehicle industry demands such fine tolerances, since the malfunction of an engine or other critical component could have severe consequences for the end-user.

  • Repeatability

Since the same CNC machining job can be repeated multiple times without discrepancy between parts, the technology is particularly useful when a manufacturer needs to produce large volumes of a single component.


  • Product Design

Did you know that advanced CNC machining capabilities can be used to help your business and organization design vehicle products? It’s true! For years, TOPOLO has been making great use of our unique CNC machining capabilities to create precise, cost-effective solutions for our customers.

  • Welding and Fabrication

We have the tools and skills necessary to meet the needs of almost any composite fabrication project. When it comes to welding services, we are equipped with experienced professionals who will complete your project quickly and within budget. This includes services like MIG, TIG, stick and spray welding, and all types of fabrication using materials like plastics, aluminum, stainless steel, and alloy.

  • Complete Machining Capabilities

We provide our customers with quality custom CNC milling, turning, and grinding work to meet all your project needs.

Our Advantages

  • 5-axis CNC, the cutter head can move in horizontal x, y, z axis and 2 rotation axes.
  • The operating platform is 3.2m wide, and the cutting speed of the equipment can reach 30m/min.

CNC Machining for Truck and Camper Composite Panels

More and more personalized and scientifically designed trucks and RVs are processed by CNC, especially the processing of composite panels, which is more precise and repeatable than manual operations.

Applicable Specifications for Composite Panels

  • Panel structure: The panel is a laminate or sandwich structure, and the outer skin can be 0.7-5.0mm aluminum or FRP. The core material is foam, honeycomb and wood with a thickness of 10~120mm.
  • Processing part: The shape and holes (doors, windows, skylights, etc.) of RV composite panels.
  • Size: Up to 3000mm*10000mm.