• Post published:November 23, 2018

Nowadays, many kinds of new materials can be seen springing up day by day. Thermoplastic, composite materials, solar energy, nanomaterials, all are no longer strange to the world’s leading industries. Among these names, CFRT is newly developed and getting more and more popular.


CFRT, continuous fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composites material, is a thermoplastic composite material formed by continuous fibers melted and infused in a resin matrix mixed with PA, PP, PPS, etc. Due to the continuity of its fiber and full impregnation in the resin matrix, such material is extremely strong in mechanic property, especially in tensile and flexural (bending) strength, as well as impact resistance.

Technical Index

High performance comes from the control of technical data.

Tensile modulus/sectional area:

The higher the consequence value is, the stronger the material will be.

As we all know, nanomaterials often have unique optical, electronic, or mechanical properties due to their nano-scale structures with a small sectional area. Nano-composites are already being added to products ranging from auto parts to packaging materials, to enhance mechanical, thermal, barrier and flame-retardant properties. Fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composites feature high tensile modulus and strength that are strongly desirable in commercial, medical, military, and environmental sectors.


Similar to the previous value, it also shows the strength of the current material we use.

According to the above indexes, continuous fiber-reinforced composites show excellent performance in both flexural and tensile strength.

Laminating Direction

CFRT UD tape (single ply): 0° laminated, unidirectional thermoplastic composite tape

2 cross-ply thermoplastic composite sheets: 0° and 90° laminated, the mechanical strengths are equal on each dimension.

3 cross-ply thermoplastic composite sheet: the strength is reinforced in either horizontal or vertical (0° or 90°) dimension.

Single Layer (CFRT UD Tape)Equal
2 Layers CFRT Tape90°Equal
3 Layers CFRT Tape90°/45°/0°
Partial to 90°
Partial to 0°
Partial to 0°
Partial to 90°

Key Advantages

Low cost:

Although carbon fiber is also strong and lightweight, CFRT costs even less for the adoption of glass fiber as the main material. (From material to production, carbon fiber always costs more);


CFRT is now the most ideal composite material for lightweight solutions in various industries.

TOPOLO CFRT Production Line

We have 10 production lines for various kinds of CFRT products.

T-UD series tapes (PA, PE, PP, PPS);

WPP woven fabric tapes;

T-PC series sheets (2 to 9 layers thermoplastic composite sheet);

T-SP series sandwich panels (thermoplastic honeycomb sandwich panels with CFRT and fabric skin);

Honeycomb sandwich containers.


With the integrity of high quality and advanced technology in TOPOLO CFRT composites, our products have been used in almost all kinds of industries involved in plastic, thermoplastic, and material engineering. Furthermore, we are also specialized in providing lightweight solutions for construction materials, especially for automobiles.

As new uses for continuous fiber-reinforced composites with strong properties are identified, the number of products containing such materials will continue to grow.

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