What is glass fiber fabric?

Where is it from? Today, you will know the answers in this essay.

Raw glass is firstly made into fiber strands through infusion and drawing processes. The strands are then assembled into bundles through twisting and throwing. A single strand features a diameter within 30 micrometers, accounting for 1/20 to 1/5 of a hairline. And a bundle contains hundreds of strands. In the resin structures of sheets and panels, glass fiber plays a role as rebars in cement. Fiber to resin is rebar to cement.

Glass Fiber Features:

  • A working temperature from -196℃ to 300℃;
  • Little stickness to almost everything;
  • A strong chemical resistance, even to aqua regia and other highly corrosive solvents;
  • A low friction factor for the best choice of self-lubrication materials;
  • A light transmittance of 6% to 13%
  • High resistance to UV and static;
  • High strength and excellent mechanical properties;
  • Drug resistance.