CFRT PA UD tape is a kind of unidirectional tape (UD tape) made of CFRT composites, whose fiber is impregnated with PA and laminated together to form the continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites. It is non-woven and the fibers are parallel.

The process of PA UD Tape

Advanced fiber placement:

It uses computer-guided robotics to lay several layers of UD tapes onto a mold to create a part or structure. During the process, the UD-tape is heated via laser, hot gas or IR and in-situ bonded to the rest of the already made part through a cold roller.

Automated tape laying:

The UD-tapes are laid in a 2D blank, in the desired stacking orientation and sequence. Each new piece is fixed to the layer below by ultrasonic or thermal welding. The final 2D part can be additionally consolidated or directly formed to make the part, depending on the machine capability. During this consolidation step, the individual layers are fully bonded together. For these processes, the impregnation quality is dictating the processing speed.



Wrapping is a technique of applying UD tape around cylindrical objects such as tanks and piping. The excellent hoop reinforcement strength and corrosion resistance of continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites make it suitable for lightweight piping and CNG tanks. We have two types of CFRT PA UD tapes in TOPOLO, PA6, and PA66. They are a little different in weight, thickness, and price. You can choose alternatively according to specific needs.