Thermoplastic Composite Production Line

Thermoplastic Composite Production Line

TOPOLO supplies high quality continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic sheets and thermoplastic composite panels. Thermoplastic composite material is a new type of fiberglass mixed with continuous fibers and thermoplastic resin. It can replace thermosetting FRP as skin material and is widely used in box trucks, RVs, yachts, cold rooms, and buildings. It is an economical product with stable comprehensive performance.

TOPOLO adopts fully independently developed fully automated thermoplastic production equipment standards to achieve high specifications, efficiency, high quality, high precision, safeand environmental protection.

Thermoplastic Composite Production Line

premium raw materials

The plastic masterbatch and glass fiber yarn used by TOPOLO fully comply with the International Plastics Standardization Technical Committee and the International Pollutant Emission Standards for Glass Fiber and Products Industry.

Thermoplastic Composite Production Line

Safe and reliable

The heating and cooling of thermoplastic sheets are in a closed space, which keeps production in a stable temperature environment and also protects the safety of operator

Thermoplastic Composite Production Line

High Efficiency

The production speed of thermoplastic composite panels reaches 3~8m/min, and 10,000m² CFRT sheets or thermoplastic composite panels can be produced every day. The annual production capacity can meet the production demand of 80,000 box trucks.

Thermoplastic Composite Production Line

Environmental Friendly

Thermoplastic composites are produced without the use of any adhesives. It relies on electric heating to melt the resin and achieve fusion between UD tapes without producing any harmful gases during the product production process. The fiberglass is completely wrapped in resin, and no dust is produced during product processing.

Thermoplastic Composite Production Line

High Specifications

The maximum thickness of thermoplastic sheets can reach 5mm, the maximum width can reach 2.8m, the length of each roll can reach 250m, and up to 10 layers of UD tapes can be thermally compounded. The thickness of thermoplastic honeycomb panels ranges from 6mm to 120mm.

Thermoplastic Composite Production Line

reliable quality

The surface of our thermoplastic composite sheets can achieve the same smoothness and brightness as thermoset FRP sheets, and its durability is far superior to the former.

Thermoplastic Prepreg Unidirectional Tapes

Continuous fiber thermoplastic reinforced sheets.

High gloss honeycomb panel, anti-slip honeycomb panel.

The perfect combination of PET foam and thermoplastic sheet is achieved without the use of adhesives.

Application of Thermoplastic Composite Panels for Box Trucks

Currently, manufacturers are using fiberglass composite products to replace metal and wood in order to achieve lightweight effects on box trucks. Currently, there are a large number of box trucks assembled with FRP sandwich panels (all of which are thermosetting resin products) popular on the market, such as various refrigerated trucks and dry cargo trucks. Although FRP has the characteristics of high strength, smooth surface, thermal insulation, etc., its with a fragile and easily damaged surface, but continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic sheet – CFRT has higher strength and elasticity, and its surface protective film is more resistant to scratches. Its manufacturing cost is much lower than that of FRP, which undoubtedly reduces costs for box truck manufacturers who want to mass-produce.